Daily Archives: May 5, 2010

Getting Around in Phuket

Depending on where you are staying most resorts are close enough to various beaches, restaurants and bars for you to be able to just walk to. But for those travellers who wish to explore the island further you are spoilt for choice with transport options. Whether you want to use Taxis, Tuk Tuks, public buses [...]

Airport / Airlines

Phuket International Airport is becoming a very busy airport servicing many international airlines, most of which fly direct from various Asian countries, but most Western visitors fly via Bangkok. Phuket International Airport is currently the second busiest airport in Thailand, with over 6 million passengers flying in and out on a yearly basis. Phuket airport [...]

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Phuket

Plastic and cosmetic surgery is becoming a world leader in its field. Using the very latest technology, Phuket plastic and cosmetic surgeons are highly skilled and most of the more famous surgeons on the island have gained their qualification from Western countries, ensuring the quality of care. More and more Westerners are travelling to Phuket [...]

Dental Clinics in Phuket

Thailand is becoming a very popular place for dental treatment, as the cost compared to most western countries Thailand is significantly cheaper. Most holidaymakers get to enjoy their time on the beach yet still have plenty of time to have their teeth whitened, filled or cleaned using the latest technology. Mostly all of the top [...]