3 ways to get to Phi Phi Island from Phuket, Thailand

1) Ferry

One of the most famous attractions here in Phuket is ‘Phi Phi Island’, many travellers ask how to get there? One option is to go by Ferry from Rassada Pier (near Phuket town) which is also the cheapest way, from 550 baht for one way and 900baht for a return. The journey takes about two hours from Phuket to Phi Phi Island. The Ferry is double deckered where you can use the upper deck for sunbathing to get a beautiful tan while waiting for the 2 hours to pass, while for the people who just want to chill air-conditioned rooms and snacks are available on the lower deck.

Ferry to PhiPhi island

2) Speedboat

A second option is by speedboat. Hiring a private speed boat only takes 45 minutes to reach Phi Phi island and sometimes using speedboat is so flexible that you can go directly to your resort. For most of the year the ride is flat but it’s advisable to avoid speedboats in September and October as things can get a little bumpy. Speedboats are not recommended for pregnant women, those with bad back conditions, or the very elderly. Obviously, speedboats are more expensive than the ferry but for larger groups they can work out to be very good value for money if you can split the cost.

Speedboat to Phi Phi Island

3) Seaplane

The third option is by seaplane. When you want to avoid seasickness, or have elderly people in your group that cannot go by boat or ferry then you should consider going by seaplane. It takes only 25 minutes to get to Phi Phi by seaplane, and only fits 9 people. Yeah, I know you can get to Phi Phi quite cheaply by ferry, but damn! A flight to Phi Phi? There are still many people who don’t know this option even exists, and yes, it’s not exactly super cheap – current price is approx 4,999 baht per person. But this is more than just transport, this is an experience too, and if you have limited time, or arrive in Phuket at the wrong time for the ferry, a flight to Phi Phi is a great option. 25 minutes only, it saves hours of travel time, and can you imagine the experience flying in your own private plane. This is something I had wanted to do for ages, Unlike a big 300 seat aircraft, boarding here takes 3 minutes, a quick safety briefing, fasten seatbelts, and you’re off!  Enjoy the scenery of Phi Phi from the blue sky and imagine the picture that you can brag about to your friends later.

So which one would you choose Phi Phi- ers ?!?   ^_^….. Anthony Nur Hasan

Seaplane to Phi Phi Island

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