Phuket Travel Guide

As far as holiday destinations go, it is hard to find one offering a greater variety of sights and attractions than the island of Phuket. With a diverse range of culture and customs, there are plenty of options when choosing how to enjoy your stay. Although the beautiful beaches are the obvious destinations in Phuket, the rest of the island contains many hidden treasures that are easily accessible and just as impressive. Cultural attractions range from historic sights; such as Buddhist temples and statues, traditional buildings and gardens, to the markets and the exciting nightlife. Natural wonders are also abound with the tropical forests offering waterfalls and beautiful sightseeing along the coast and through the mountains, as well as the national parks with a diverse range of wildlife and plants.

Phuket Town is the heart of the island, providing ready access to all the islands attractions while having a vibrant pulsing life of its own. The markets provide cheap shopping and food, perfect for backpackers, and the city centre offers many restaurants and clubs along with beautiful private art galleries and venues for live music every night of the week. Thavorn Grand Plaza is a great central location for exploring all of Phuket and our friendly staff are more than happy to help with any queries or arrangements to make sure your stay is unforgettable.