Daily life at Thavorn Grand Plaza By Alejandra Lopez

Well, it’s been 23 days since my arrival in this beautiful country called Thailand …Since then I have had the opportunity to visit incredible places, and when I say incredible I really mean exactly this. Obviously all the amazing beaches and nearby islands you can visit in this island are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. They are like a perfect and harmonious set of sun, sand, sea, flora and fauna. I am not going to tell you anything more about these beauties because we already described the scenery earlier in this blog.

But come on, the beaches are not the only striking attractions in this place, I must also mention its fascinating culture, which comes from their religion and their customs. If you are surrounded by these people you can really feel the deep respect and a friendly atmosphere, something really nice. About the typical Thai food I cannot say much except that Thai people really love spicy food. I can only mention that it’s not my favorite type, but that’s not a problem here, as you can choose from a wide variety of food. You will find a great and huge choice of restaurants to visit, from Japanese to Italian. If you really want to try something totally hot like traditional Thai food, you can enjoy it at local small food vendors which are everywhere on each street.

On the other hand something that has really caught my attention here is how important religion is. Here it is not only a choice of belief it is really a lifestyle. Every day early in the morning you can see the monks from their respective temples walking in different directions in order to collect food and other offerings off Thai people. The only things which they can not accept are monetary offerings.

The temples are really beautiful places, designed from the largest to the smallest detail. The last time I went with my friends to visit the Wat Suwan Khiri Khet in Karon, which was really unusual because the whole altar is surrounded by giant snakes, all were very colorful. Additional to the amazing temple, there were really nice people who offered drinks and fresh fruit at the end of our visit, which is definitely an experience to remember.

But don’t think we have always leisure time, still the main reason for my stay here is my internship at the Thavorn Grand Plaza hotel. So in my workdays I have to train professionally with the help of all my colleagues (I have to note that in our office there is a real mix of nationalities). I honestly find this whole experience is really nice and it is a pleasure to work at this hotel in this community with all these people!

I hope I am not alone with my opinion, because there are no words to describe this wonderful place. So hopefully we can meet during the next months here in Phuket … LA PERLA DEL SUR!