Food in Phuket

One of the most famous things about Thailand is its food, and Phuket has so much to offer with its diverse selection of cultures and fusion. The island is made up of Buddhist Thais, Chinese and Muslims which makes the food here in Phuket very special. Food in Thailand becomes a way of life with so many different dishes to choose from you never get bored of eating the same thing.

Thai food is especially famous for its fresh ingredients and fiery spices and chillies, but not all Thai food is spicy. The amazing thing about Thai food is that you get to experience a million tastes in just one mouthful. Whether you like rice, noodles, curries or salads, you will find everything you like in Thailand.

Mostly Thai food revolves around steamed rice, with meat, fish and vegetable dishes to accompany the rice. Popular dishes with rice would be Tom Yam Goong which is spicy soup with prawns. Green Curry with chicken or pork, Masman Kai which is spicy chicken in a thick stew. There are many more dishes to choose the list is endless.

Apart from rice meals you can opt for noodle dishes, such as Pad Thai which is flat rice noodles fried with tofu, bean sprouts and shrimp. There are also many types of soup noodles. There are three main types of noodle. One being egg based yellow round noodle which is locally called “Mee Sa Pam”, then there is very thin rice noodle called “Kanom Jeen” and finally larger flat rice noodle called “Sen Yai”.

Anyone visiting Phuket is spoilt for choice when it comes to food. There is a whole array of restaurants to chose from, whether you want to try the local Thai delicacy or sample food from other parts of the world. You will find all kinds of food in Phuket.