The west coast of Phuket Island faces out across the Adaman Sea which is separated from the Bay of Bengal by Andaman-Nicobar ridge and forms part of the Indian Ocean.  It is here that you will find the best of Phuket’s beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. The effect of millions of years of natural erosion on granite and sandstone has created the striking coastlines and the multitude of tiny islands around Phuket.  This has also formed free standing rock formations in the sea some of which are truly breathtaking.

The Andaman coast stretches 870km from the northern Burmese border, down to the Tarutao National park at the southern border shared with Malaysia. At the southernmost tip of the island is Cape Phromthep, a beautiful rocky coastal area with a splendid view of small Islands. Cape Phromthep is renowned for having the best sunset in the whole of Phuket. Many people gather here on weekends and public holidays to admire the amazing view.

Many of the coastal islands are accessible by small craft and offer a private oasis and a great chance to go exploring. The islands are typically heavily forested, many of them uninhabited, with secluded beaches and fringed by spectacular coral reefs, perfect for snorkeling. There is something truly unique about walking along a beach with no sign of other humans, often not even a footprint in sight!

Phi Phi Island remains the most popular island for tours and stays, and while it does offer absolutely stunning sights and views, there are many others that are lesser known and therefore not as crowded with tourists. If you are seeking a quiet, peaceful chance to enjoy sightseeing and nature Phang Nga offers a very similar landscape with dramatic sandstone and limestone structures.

Most of the mainland is low forested mountains with a range of plants and vegetation from the heavy dense jungle to the lazy palms along the coastline. There is plenty of wildlife around so keep your eyes peeled and you’re bound to see some of our native residents. With consistently warm temperatures all year round, Phuket truly is the epitome of tropical island.

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