Kamala Beach 95496

In close proximity to the Thavorn Beach Village and Spa Resort and Just 4km along the coast road north of Patong lies the beautiful, tranquil Kamala Beach. Despite a steady influx of developments, Kamala still maintains a traditional Thai fishing village ambience which makes for a quieter, intimate and far less crowded destination for the more discerning traveller. With modern amenities to complement the pure white sand beach and calm waters this makes for the perfect getaway for families and couples, looking to relax and leave the crowds behind at the busier resorts along the coast.

Although there are a few watersports on offer in Kamala, the calm and crystal clear waters are the real attraction and are perfect for a relaxing swim during the dry season. Apart from the occasional large wave in the rainy season, the conditions are usually safe for swimming too, but look out for the red flags. There are rocks to be found at the northern end of the beach, which are pretty good for snorkelling.

The star attraction in Kamala and undoubtedly one of the island’s most famous night time spectacles is the Phuket Fantasea. Get ready to be dazzled by an audio, sensory and visual feast as this immense Thai cultural extravaganza serves up a live show blending Traditional Thai dancing with breathtaking special effects and performances from elephants, tigers and a host of other animals. The beach front Wat Baan Kamala (Kamala Temple) is the spiritual home for the village locals and provides a peaceful and colourful alternative to lazing about in the midday sun. Every Friday, the local Kamala Market springs up on the roadside close to Fantasea and is the perfect way to acquaint yourself with the local culture and delicacies.

The nightlife in Kamala provides a welcome remedy from the frantic pace of nearby Patong and a number of bars are located along the beach road offering beers and cocktails in a relaxed and laid back setting. During the day time, permanent vendors are pitched along the beach and perfectly take care of the dining requirements of the beach dwellers with traditional Thai dishes and wonderful street bbq at bargain prices. As night time approaches many open air restaurants along the seafront offer traditional Thai, seafood and International fare.

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