Museum & Zoo

Thalang National Museum

Phuket’s national museum contains ancient artifacts of Phuket’s long history and exhibits the famous Battle of Thalang where the Two Heroines defended the island against the Burmese in the 18th century. The museum also exhibits the tin mining history, the indigenous Sea Gypsy culture and the island’s Chinese heritage.

Opening time: Daily except holidays 8:30am-4pm.

Location: Just East of the Heroines’ Monument on Pa Khlok Rd, north of Phuket City

Tel: 076-311025, 076-311426

 Phuket Sea Shell Museum

The Sea Shell Museum contains some of the most valuable seashells from all over the world. Many are among the most sought-after by collectors and are from Phuket and Thai waters. In addition there are also some rarities and odd shells including the world’s largest golden pearl (140 karats) large sections of sedimentary rock containing shell fossils that represent the earth’s earliest life-forms, and a shell weighing in at 250 kilograms!

Opening time: Daily from 8am-6pm.

Location: 12/2 Moo 2, Viset Rd, Rawai, just south of Chalong Bay

Tel: 076-381266 or 076-381274

Thavorn Hotel Lobby Museum

 Thavorn Hotel has a wide collection of artifacts and photos of Phuket as well as photos of the Thai royalty, traditional Chinese wedding hats, tin mining equipment, toy trains, opium smoking beds, pillows, and movie posters which all gathered by the Chinese-Thai family who run the Thavorn group.

Opening time: Daily, 24 hours

Location: Thavorn Hotel, 74 Rassada Rd, Phuket City

Tel: 076-211333-5, 076-211339

Phuket Rare Stones Museum

Phuket Rare Stones Museum is all about a brief look at all the stones. Then simply select 5-6 of the one’s you find most interesting to study in more detail, as each stone can conjure up a different picture in each person’s imagination.

Opening time: Daily 09:00-18:00 hrs.

Location: 58/34 Thepkasatree Rd., Km.5 (about 700 meters from Super Cheap Store), 

Tel: 076-238451-2

 Phuket Zoo


Visiting Phuket Zoo could be one of your most enjoyable trips in Phuket. With the lush tropical gardens that invite you to walk around in the shade of giant trees, cross over the bridges onto islands containing all kinds of strange animals.

Daily Shows 

Monkey Shows: 09.00, 12.00, 14.30 and 16.45 hrs.

Crocodile Shows: 09.45, 12.45, 15.15 and 17.30 hrs.

Elephant Shows: 10.30, 13.30 and 16.00 hrs.

Opening time: Daily 08:30-18:00 hrs.

Location: 23/2 Moo.3, Soi Palai,Chaofah Rd., Muang, Phuket 83000, Thailand

Tel: 076-374424