My first week in Phuket and My first Thai Massage 1

Hi! I’m Anthony, I ‘m the new Marketing Management trainee here at Thavorn Hotels & Resorts, Phuket. It’s my first week here, and on my first day off I went exploring. Let me ask you, when you think of Thailand, what do you think of ?  White sandy beaches, shopping for exotic accessories, night life on the beach, great spicy food, a go-go bar or ladyboy show??  Well there’s one thing you should not miss when you go to Thailand, especially Phuket and that is -  Thai Massage !  In almost every tourist area, Thai Massage shops flourish, peaceful air-conditioned relaxing havens with beautiful aromas and relaxing music.

I went yesterday to Karon beach where Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is located, and believe me , its damn hot! It’s a really great place that I can reach by using the free shuttle bus service for guests, from Thavorn Grand Plaza in the heart of Phuket city. I fall in love too much for the beach.  I sun bathed for 3 hours, read a couple of books, swam, and the after effect,  my body just feels so tired and heavy! That’s where the local Thais comes in handy, Thai MASSAGE !

A few steps away from Karon Beach, at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, just across the road, you can enjoy a traditional Thai massage by the poolside, under the shade of a mini gazebo. Perfectly cooling (much cooler than a massage on the beach) and you can even enjoy a cocktail too :)   Perfect answer to my problem. I can relax and get the perfect massage for my tired body.

In places like neighbouring Patong Beach, you can also get a pedicure and or manicure. Or how about braids in your hair? And the ultimate to make you feel young – specialists who will individually but gently pluck out all your white or grey hairs!

After your holiday in Phuket you can go back with a great tan, clean and healthy feet, freshly painted fingernails, an exotic new hair style and younger looks. So what are you waiting for? Phuket is just a place where it’s a  holiday everyday !

Stay posted for my Thai Massage tips…..! ^^ Anthony Nur Hasan

Karon Beach

Karon Beach

Thavorn Palm Beach Poolside

Thavorn Palm Beach Poolside

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