Nai Yang Beach by Alejandra Lopez

Have you ever heard about the national park of Phuket?
Well, if you haven’t, I will tell you about it. Last Sunday we decided to visit this beautiful place at Nai yang Beach, and that was how we left the city of Phuket, towards the national park and after about 45 minutes by bike we arrived at our destination. I should mention that during our bike trip I couldn’t believe the incredible scenario around us, all that immense amount of green trees and jungle and the wind hitting my face, really perfect! I was amazed.
When we reached the beach I was surprised about how quiet it was, we did not see many people, don’t know why, but maybe the place is not very popular among tourists or is too far away. So, if you want to relax and get away from the crowd this is definitely the perfect place.
Coming back to the main subject, we walked along the beach for a while (where I collected more shells for my collection  and we saw a few fishing boats and canoes. Then we wanted to go for a drink and something that I really liked was the choice we had to chose between small bars located on the beach or a variety of bars located along the street right in front of the beach. The bar where we stayed was quite nice, the people who attended there were really nice and also the bar was decorated with flags everywhere. We chatted for a while (while I was playing with a beautiful dog!), and after a game of pool we ordered something to eat and we moved with our dinner in one of the few tables on the beach. Sadly, After dinner we had to start our journey back to Phuket town because it was a little bit late and we were 45 minutes away …
I think that’s all for now, I leave you hoping to see you soon here, in Phuket Island, la ciudad sol!