Are Thai Desserts really Thai ? 5

Q) Are your favourite Thai desserts and sweets, colourfully sold on many a street corner in Thailand really Thai? A) Strangely enough, many Portuguese tourists would instantly recognise the flavours and textures of many Thai desserts……. as they too have the same desserts in their native Portugal. So how have these seemingly un-twinned countries on [...]

Portuguese Egg Custard tarts

The Perfect Thai Green Curry

The Perfect Thai Green Curry

In response to Nora McLaughlin MacNeil on our Friends of Thavorn Facebook page, our Award Winning Chef at Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, Chef Khun Chompoo, has provided the recipe for one of her Award Winning Signature Dishes ‘GAENG KIEW WAAN TALAY‘ or the famous ‘Thai Green Curry’. Nora wrote: Well Nora, as part of our [...]

Traditional Thai Food at ‘Friends of Thavorn’ Prize Draw Party

……..And now for my favourite part of the 1st March ‘Friends of Thavorn’ Prizedraw party – the Traditional Thai food!  A word of warning – Reading the following may cause you to develop sudden hunger pangs and a craving for Thai food ! Pad Thai (Thai Fried Noodles) Let’s start with probably the most famous [...]

Pad Thai

Coconut Dance from Isan - Serng Krapao

Traditional Thai Dance at ‘Friends of Thavorn’ Prize Draw Party

To continue the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of Thavorn Hotels & Resorts and to see the launch of our latest promotion ‘ Friends of Thavorn ‘ on the 1st March 2011 we held the first “Friends of Thavorn Prize draw Reception” at Thavorn Palm Beach & Resort (TPB). The prize draw saw over 30 lucky [...]

Nai Yang Beach by Alejandra Lopez

Have you ever heard about the national park of Phuket? Well, if you haven’t, I will tell you about it. Last Sunday we decided to visit this beautiful place at Nai yang Beach, and that was how we left the city of Phuket, towards the national park and after about 45 minutes by bike we [...]

Phi Phi Island Tour by Marine Doom

At 9 o’clock we were picked up by an AsianPremier Van in front of the lobby of the Thavorn Grand Plaza. After a 30 minute ride we arrived at the marina of Phuket. Then all the tourists gathered there were divided into a few groups according to each ones itinerary. After a short break the [...]

Similan Island by Marine Doom

We woke up very early at half past five in the morning, as our mini-bus was due to pick us up in front of the Thavorn Grand Plaza at 6 am. After a 2 hour drive through the city outskirts and the open countryside we arrived in Khao Lak. From there we took a one [...]

Daily life in Thavorn Grand Plaza by Marine Doom

I have already spent nearly a month at The Thavorn Grand Plaza Hotel, so now it is time for me to start to share my experiences such as; my day job, my night time activities and my life in Phuket. The Sales and Marketing office in which I work, has many people from various countries [...]

Sea Cave Canoe Tour to James Bond Island By Alejandra Lopez

Yesterday on the 29th of April we started early at half past 7 to get ready for our next tour, going to James Bond Island, which is in the area of Phang Nga. We arrived at Phang Nga Bay at around 10 o‘clock and then our adventure started by boarding a big boat. After we [...]

Daily life at Thavorn Grand Plaza By Alejandra Lopez

Now again “my daily life at Thavorn Grand Plaza” from another point of view! After my first month working under the shining sun of Thailand I must say, that I have seen a lot of things that impressed me totally! I don’t only mean all the white beaches around Phuket, I also mean the whole [...]