As far as holiday destinations go, it is hard to find one offering a greater variety of sights and attractions than the island of Phuket.  With a diverse range of culture and customs, there are plenty of options when choosing how to enjoy your stay.  Although the beautiful beaches are the obvious destinations in Phuket, [...]

Phuket Old Town

Guide to Phuket Town

Getting There Phuket Town is located approx 30 km south of Phuket International Airport and within 30 minutes drive of all of the islands major beaches. The Thavorn Grand Plaza is situated right in the heart of the vibrant capital,  surrounded by quaint street bazaars, day and night markets, food and beverage outlets, cinemas, shopping [...]

Water Activities

Fishing: The variety of fish to be caught in the Andaman sea is astounding and a number 1 experience for enthusiasts of all abilities. There are daily trips offered, which will take you to the rather small islands around Phuket, where you will encounter such fish as Red Snappers, Rainbow Runners etc. And the best [...]


Patong Night Life

Patong Night Life

Welcome to the bustling Patong night life!  Patong, once known as the red light district of Phuket, has undergone a period of transformation in recent years. The area’s once notorious nightlife has been tamed somewhat to make it friendlier to women, couples and families and Patong now has something for everyone. That’s not to say [...]

Karon Night Life

Karon is often referred to as ‘Patong’s little sister’ because has its own version of Soi Bangla – only on a smaller scale and it has its dining locations, only fewer than Patong. Most of the nightlife is centred in the bars off Patak Road near the northern traffic circle and three kilometres to the [...]

Karon Bar


Kata Night Life

Kata is the kind of place to relax with a cocktail or beer in an open-air bar or restaurant, do some shopping, watch the big game on a pub screen, or enjoy a quiet evening.  Most evening venues are excellent choices for families and couples with outdoor cafes and good value local restaurants. Kata’s small [...]

Phuket Town Night Life

Phuket Town The nightlife scene in Phuket Town is certainly different in all senses to Patong. People like to characterize Phuket Town nightlife as being slow, boring, with locations too far apart. But Phuket Town nightlife has a distinctly local and Asian flavor that’s an acquired taste once you get to know it. The scene [...]

Sofa Pub

Phuket Events & Festivals

There is never a dull moment is Phuket, and you will find there are events and festivals throughout the year. When you plan your trip to Phuket it is a good idea to check to see what is happening at that time of the year. Whether you are young or old there is definitely something [...]

Weather in Phuket

Must like the rest of South East Asia, Phuket has a tropical climate with a rainy or monsoon season. The hottest time of year in Phuket is between April and May where we see temperatures reaching between 27C to 36C (80F to 95F). During this time you also get short bursts of heavy showers, which [...]

Language Schools in Phuket

Nowadays there are many language schools in Phuket, aimed not only to local Thai people but also to foreigners. Most schools are teaching English but there are also a number of schools that teach Thai and Chinese to foreigners.  Especially for those expats who plan to live or work here in Phuket, learning Thai makes [...]