Phuket Town Night Life

Phuket Town

The nightlife scene in Phuket Town is certainly different in all senses to Patong. People like to characterize Phuket Town nightlife as being slow, boring, with locations too far apart. But Phuket Town nightlife has a distinctly local and Asian flavor that’s an acquired taste once you get to know it.

The scene in Downtown nightclubs and bars is very indicative of Thai culture: it’s fun and no one is taking anything too seriously.Close to Thavorn Grand Plaza Hotel on Chana-Charoen Road are some of the night hot spot are:

 Kor Tor Mor

Is a popular pub/club that caters to trendy Thais. Located near the Seahorse Circle, it’s usually packed every weekend and on some Friday nights it is sometimes hard to get in. The house band plays Thai pop and rock nightly plus DJ’s fire up the dance floor between the acts and later on. It’s the perfect place to go if you want to mingle with locals. As is the norm in most Thai nightclubs there is no cover or corkage charge if you bring your own whiskey, ron or liquor but you will need to pay for mixers, ice and beer. Don’t wear shorts and sandals here since there’s a dress code.

 Aek-Ka-Nek (Johnnie Walker pub)

Next door to Kor Tor Mor this is a large and newer place with a Thai language sign (that translates to ‘Aek-Ka-Nek’) but most people identify it by the huge Johnnie Walker logo next to the sign.

It’s quieter than Kor Tor Mor but still a happening place with a good house band.


Buddy Café

Buddy Café is about as Thai as you can get. Some 40 girls dressed in provocative and revealing costumes sing nightly. Visitors usually purchase garlands of ‘flowers’ and put them on to the singers’ necks. The singers later cash in the garlands with the café’s management. There’s plenty of plush seating and over-the-top décor and you can also order food.


“Definitely this is a place for sleepless people”. This venue is a special place for those who want to keep dancing all night long. Open daily from 02:00AM being one Disco very famous among local people who enjoy having fun after all other places closed.   

Montree Road

 O’Malley’s Irish Lounge Bar

Is an Irish bar and is located in the heart of Phuket Town. O’Malley’s is a comfortable place fit for everyone, including kids. It offers pub food, drink, and coffee and has occasional live music and deals on beer. Ideal place if you want to catch up with local expats especially on sports nights. O’Malley’s also has a pool table, free WiFi and a Playstation.


This is another quintessentially Thai place, complete with extremely attractive and skimpily dressed dancing girls in a pretty good floor show, flashing lights, expensive drinks and a slight air of seediness. Be prepared to pay more here – for company, drinks and ‘friendship’.

All in all, this is a whole lot more entertaining than your typical Go-Go bar in Patong. 


This is one of the main shakers when it comes to nightlife in Phuket Town. Again, it’s popular with the Thai whisky & mixer set and it doesn’t offer anything wildly original in terms of musical entertainment. The bands usually blast out Thai Indie stuff and the odd Western rock tune. The DJ plays a kind of techno-hip hop hybrid and it’s all very, very loud. Not really a place to meet people because of the noise but if you’re into dancing that’s another story

 Phang Nga Road


Owned and run by two Turkish brothers from Istanbul, Roxy was opened in 2007. A small but well-liked bar, Roxy offers live sport, darts, an English pub-sized pool table as well as a quiz night every Wednesday. Drinks are reasonably priced and their interesting menu features western, Mexican and Turkish food. In fact, it’s the only place in town that serves real Turkish food.

 Rassada Road


This club is a friendly place to mingle with young locals and is located right in the heart of town on Rassada Road near all the major banks. Chivas is probably the only venue in town that features two bands nightly playing mainly Thai rock/pop plus DJs spinning the usual techno between the acts.

 Yaowarat Road

 Timber Rock (formerly Timber Hut)

Timber Rock, having opened 20 years ago, is an icon in the Thai pub scene in town. It attracts westerners (also called “farangs”), locals and is also located on Yaowarat Road, not far from the old town area. Timber Rock features one of the best bar bands in Phuket and the place is jumping almost every night and gets almost manic on weekends. There’s an upstairs seating area if the tiny dance floor is too claustrophobic for you. Food is also served here but don’t expect instant service.

 Rockin’ Angels

This is a must for music lovers and artists. The Singaporean owner is a guitarist and singer and an all-round nice guy and so impromptu jam sessions are the norm, with some very lively evenings.


Blue Marina

Carrying on further up Yaoworat Road, adjacent to the Phuket Merlin Hotel is Blue Marina, which, with its basement location and exposed ceiling, is reminiscent of a hip underground music club, is favy famous among Thai university students. The club hosts well-known Bangkok bands from time to time.

 Sineha Bar

A trendy bar with deep-blue doors and walls, Sineha has become a newly popular bar among young and trendy Phuketians and this makes it a good place off the tourist beaten path in which to meet locals. There is a limited menu and prices are a bit higher than normal but are still reasonable. 


Romdee means ‘feeling good’ and is located next door to Sineha Bar on Yaowarat Road. In a vintage shophouse converted it into a simple and friendly bar, it’s an atmospheric meeting place.

Black & White

Opened in late 2009, the charming Black and White features regular live music and friendly service.

Takua Pa Road

 Ka Jok See

Ka Jok See (meaning ‘stained glass window’) is one of the most successful restaurants on the island. The front door is hidden behind a lovely ivy façade and the vintage shophouse features old wooden-beamed ceilings and is decorated with old photos and Thai crafts and objects. It’s a great place for a candlelit romantic dinner or a special night out with friends as later into the night Khun Lek, the charming owner and great host, selects top music and completely turns Ka Jok See into a dance joint. Located near Khanasutra Indian Restaurant on Takua Pa Road, a short walk from the Rassada traffic circle

 Michael’s Bar & Restaurant

Michael’s Bar, on Takua Pa Road off Rassada, is basically an expat venue and features a pool table, sports TV, Internet connections and Western snacks. Regular Happy Hour is from 12:00 – 05:00 (or 16:00 – 19:00 in low season.). Located near Ka Jok See, Takua Pa Road

 Phuket Road

 Bale Karaoke

Karaoke is extremely popular in Asia and Thailand is no exception. Locals in Phuket usually combine eating, drinking and crooning and this is the place to do it either in private ‘VIP’ rooms or in the open bar space. Located on Phuket Road, diagonally opposite the Phuket Immigration Office, Phuket Road.

 Tilok Utis 1 Road

 Music Matter

With the best Mojitos in town, Music Matters is run by a local musician. The open-sided hole-in-the-wall bar has hopping jazz jams every Wednesday night. Located not far from the Ocean Plaza shopping, on a small Soi between Tilok Utis 1 Road and Phuket Road. Music Matter is actually hiding behind a small restaurant that has long ivy at front.

 New Dibuk Road

 Sofa Disco & Pub

Sofa Pub is located at the entrance of an up-and-coming nightlight area called Limelight Avenue along New Dibuk Road. It has live bands and some interesting dishes. Sofa Pub is a regular hangout for Phuket yuppies and features a modern yet warm atmosphere with friendly service, it has mix of resident DJ’s and live local bands. Located on the New Dibuk Road and is easily seen by the huge Chivas sign out front, so you can’t miss it.

 Eatzz Bar & Restaurant

Eatzz has live music nightly from 21:00 onward, played by a Filipina/Thai duo singing mostly folk and pop music. In the same area along Limelight Avenue, there are a few more pubs and bars, mostly spacious and very Thai. Located on Limelight Avenue is just right behind the Sofa Pub.

Other places are Envy and Lemongrass.

 Other Locations

 Bossy Bar (formerly Coyote Bar)

Next to the Bus Station of Phuket, this place deserves to be known as the best venue in town to see dancing girls. The staff is composed by a large number of beautiful and sexy girls who are happy to be serve drinks to the tables, while hosting customers to have conversation and maybe “something else”. Every night there is live music. Open daily from 20:00 PM to 04:00 AM

 Pink Lady (in different locations)

All locations offers live music nightly sung karaoke-style by young and sexy girls as well as some private karaoke rooms. The same company owns more similar venues in Phuket Town not all of them have live bands. These are the Pink Lady Club, behind Sengho Bookstore and Pink Lady 2002, not far from the Royal Phuket City Hotel. Pink Chamois and Pink Lady cater to Thais and other Asian men wanting to meet ‘friendly girls’. Drinks are more expensive than in most other night places in town, as are other ‘services’. The other Pink Lady is behind Sengho Bookstore on Montree Road. Pink Lady 2002 is on Phang Nga Road near the junction of Montree Road.