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Are you planning a holiday to Phuket ? Thinking about the best time to visit Phuket ?  

One of the main reasons to visit Phuket is to relax on one of its many breathtaking beaches, and this experience can vary widely depending on what time of year you come.  Phuket has three seasons; Cool or Winter season (November-February), Summer (March-April) and Rainy season (May-October).  

November to February (Winter)  

The cool season or winter in Phuket is from November to February. It is a month with pleasantly hot temperatures, clear blue skies, less humidity and very little rainfall. The average temperature is between 24°c to 32°c. This is also the tourism high season in Phuket, so the island gets pretty busy at this time. Tourist activities and accommodation prices are higher than in the rest of the year. If you are in Thailand during November, you may be lucky enough to catch the famous Thai festival of ‘Loy Krathong’  where the sky or festival of lights where locals set off sky lanterns and mini rafts  offer worship to the goddess of water. which  is held where locals worship the goddess of water. It is also a good time to explore Phuket and the surrounding islands such as Phi Phi Island, James Bond Island and so on.   

Clear blue sky and sea - Winter weather in  Phuket

Clear blue sky and sea - Winter weather in Phuket

March to April (Tropical Summer season)  

It is hot all year round in Phuket, but March to April is the hottest time of year, with average temperatures rising between 27°c to 36°c.  At this time the weather is dry with blue skies, but lots of travelers find it a bit uncomfortable due to the extreme heat. The advantage of visiting at this time, is that the beaches and hotels are uncrowded and prices are lower than at high season.  April, is the hottest month of the year when temperatures can rise up to 40°c.  However, this is also the month in which you can catch one of the most famous festivals in Thailand -  ‘Songkran Festival’ which is when locals celebrate Thai new Year. This event normally lasts about 1 week, and locals celebrate by holding parades and water fights on the streets – a welcome respite from the hot weather.   

May to October (Rainy/Monsoon season)  

The rainy season in Phuket is from May to October. This is the low season in Phuket and where the average rainfall is 2500 mm. September is the wettest month of the year. During this period the temperatures are cooler with  some rain showers, but it also has the advantage of warm winds with temperatures of 29°c /30°c. It is not the perfect period to visit Phuket if you are in search of blue skies and clear water. During this season tourist activities and accommodation prices go down, so it can be a good time for budget travelers to visit.  Note that waves are rougher and the Phuket beaches on the west coast are dangerous for swimming. You have to take care of yourself and see the warning flags posted on the beaches. If the red flags are up, then avoid the water completely.  

Red Flag Phuket beach

Red Flag Phuket beach,

 When is your favourite time to visit Phuket ? Feel free to share your thoughts here……..   

By Ranjan Khotjea, intern, Thavorn Hotels & Resorts (THR), Phuket, Thailand  



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