Phuket's Temples

95% of Thailand’s population is Thai-Buddhist and there are more than 40 Buddhist Temples (or ‘wat’ in Thai) located all over the island.

Some of the Temples are newly built but some have a long history going back 100 years or even longer. Additionally to the temples, there are also many shrines in Phuket, which are not just ancient relics, they are frequently visited by islanders paying their respects to friends and relatives or else seeking luck for the future. For example at Wat Pud Tha Mong Kon Ni Mit on Thepkasattri Rd in Phuket City, there are hand-written signs nailed to trees. Here you can find little messages of Thai philosophy, such as “It is advisable to think before doing anything”.

You can learn more about Buddhism and Taoism by visiting these places of worship which is an uplifting experience. Here is a short description of the most important temples around Phuket.


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