Wat Phra Nang Sang

This temple is in Thalang, also located on Thepkrasattri Road. It is more than 500 years old, which makes it the oldest temple in Phuket.

This temple used to be an important location during the 1785 Burmese invasion. The two heroines used it to rally supporters to resist the Burmese invaders. You can just picture the two sisters rousing the locals to fight.

The temple’s name, Phra Nang Sang, means built by a royal lady. The legend goes that Lady Luad Khao was condemned to death for having an affair. Before her death, she asked for permission to pay her last respects to the Buddha relics in Sri Lanka. When she returned, she built this temple. When she was executed, her blood ran white showing her innocence and earning her the name Luad Khao (white blood).

Phuket’s oldest temple, featuring numerous tin Buddha statues, going back to the time when tin was Phuket’s most precious commodity. Points of interest include statues of heroines Lady Chan and Lady Mook, also seen at Heroines’ Monument, and a large reclining Buddha. The temple is beautiful and certainly worth a visit. There is also a remarkable 50 year old mummy of a former monk of the temple. The amazing part of this story is that the mummification process was not carried out after his death. The monk mummified himself by starving and consuming a mysterious fluid!

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