Water Activities


The variety of fish to be caught in the Andaman sea is astounding and a number 1 experience for enthusiasts of all abilities. There are daily trips offered, which will take you to the rather small islands around Phuket, where you will encounter such fish as Red Snappers, Rainbow Runners etc. And the best thing is: You don’t have to be a pro, since even beginners will be rewarded with a big catch.


The Andaman Sea, which is separated from the Bay of Bengal through the Andaman Nicobar Egde, is a part of the Indian Ocean. Phuket is the biggest province in Thailand and at the same time the biggest Island in Thailand. There are quite a few world class diving spots, which offer great experience and fun for everyone, regardless of qualification, level or experiences. There are plenty of beautiful hard and soft corals to be discovered and the underwater world is rich, multifaceted and lush. As well as being inhabited by smaller fish like prawns, seahorses etc you will also find larger fish like stingrays, manta rays, calm sharks, deep sea fishes such as  barracudas, mackerel, tuna fish and even the mighty whale shark.

Phuket is definitely the number 1 diving spot in South East Asia with the most well known diving trips heading out to the famous Phi Phi Islands or the King Cruiser’s Wreck. In Phuket there are plenty of diving schools. Most of the diving schools offer basic diving courses such as Padi Open Water license, common daytrips and Live-Abroads. They differ in quality and service as well as in the equipment so be sure to shop around and choose wisely.

Shark Point ( Hin Musang):

Depth: 5 – 28 Meters                         Travel time to Spot: 1 ½ hrs

The Shark point is one of the most famous and versatile diving spots in Phuket. The accumulation of three main crags plus the variety of several smaller under water rocks offers a perfect possibility to take gorgeous under water pictures for you holiday photo album. The name shark point is developed from regular meetings with the anxious leopard shark.

Anemone Reef (Hin Jom Naam):

Depth: 5 – 26 Meters                                     Travel time to Spot: 1 ½ hrs

The anemone Reef is located on very flat and sandy ground and is completely overgrown with anemones. The reef offers an excellent home for crabs, prawns and various anemone fishes. The eutrophic (nutrient rich) water works like a main magnet for small reef fishes, which are looking for food and shelter. Big swarms of snappers as well as mackerels together with tuna fishes can be seen at the anemone reef.  

King Cruiser Wreck:

Depth: 12 – 32 Meters                       Traveling time to spot: 2 ½ hrs

In May 1997 the so called cruiser ran aground and sank after it collided with the anemone reef. Now this huge Wreck lies on the sea bottom 32 meters deep. The conditions and circumstances around the wreck’s area require good diving skills in order to avoid getting into trouble with the wayward ocean current.

Fortunately, neighbored to the Anemone Reef and Shark Point, life was growing at the site of the wreck in no time and one can find plenty of fishes such as pelagic fishes, turtles, harmless sharks, and the scorpion fish. The Wreck is a good place where a diverse marine life meets the diver.


The best spot for paragliding is Patong Beach, where Paragliding is available almost every day. The famous beach vendors will offer you special rates  and bargaining is a must. One should definitely inspect the speed boat before the fun starts, since some of them might not be well motorized, and it appears that because of a lot of tailwind the parachute passes the speed boat. Please be aware, that in case of accidents or damages you are alone responsible and there are no insurances included.


During the last few years, the Phang Nga and Krabi provinces have became well known all around the world for the huge variety of climbing possibilities and climbing spots, most notably at the the beautiful Railey Beach. Elevated, cliffs and deep lime stone rock faces, pose a challenge for climbers of every skill level. Some of the cliffs are a few hundred meters high and after reaching the top, a stunning view over the beautiful landscape awaits you. Especially around Krabi you can find climbing schools with courses for beginners, which are also offering equipment for pros and more experienced climbers.


If you are looking to experience a sailing Trip in Phuket, you should do this at Nai Harn, Patong or Kata Beach. Toppers and Dinghies are available at Patong Beach whereas Catamarans, Hobby Cats and Top cats can be found at Kata Beach. The Sailing Company called Yacht Pro is reputed to be a good school to attend sailing courses. You can contact Yacht Pro under Phone: 076-232 960 or www.sailing-thailand.com

 Kite Boarding:

The best time to practice Kite Boarding in Phuket is from November until the end of April as well as in July and August. Introductory courses are being offered at Kata Beach as well as at Nai Yang Beach. We can recommend 2 surf schools.

  1. Kiteboarding Asia – Phuket, Nai Yang, www.kiteboardingasia.com
  2. Kata Surf Shop and Surf School