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Phuket Town

Phuket Shopping Centers

Shopping is one of the great highlights of Thailand with a huge selection of places to shop and everything available at discount prices. It is also possible to reclaim the sales tax on many items at the airport on departure, so be sure to keep all your receipts. Most of the biggest shopping malls are located along the bypass road between Phuket Town and Phuket Airport. While the markets are renowned for imitation or “knock off” brands, you can also find authentic big-brand products in the major shopping centres at amazingly low prices.

Robinsons Department Store

Robinsons Department store is located almost directly behind the Thavorn Grand Plaza, less than a few minutes walk from our underground car park. The bottom floor contains Tops Supermarket which provides anything you may need in the way groceries and personal products. There is also a bank, KFC and phone and internet stores on the bottom floor. The remaining levels of Robinsons stock a wide range of brand name clothes and accessories as well as household goods and appliances.

Robinsons is open daily with the ground floor opening at 9:00 and the upper levels open from 10:30 onwards. The store closes at 22:00 and is conveniently located next to the evening market which is also open daily. Robinsons is located  at Tilok-U-Thit 1 Road

Ocean Shopping Mall

Just across the road from Robinsons and directly behind the Thavorn Grand Plaza, is the Ocean Shopping Mall. Here you can find a convenient range of stores including a pharmacy, bookstore and clothes outlets. There is also plenty of fun to be had in the entertainment facilities including; a ten-pin bowling alley and a multiplex cinema, showing most of the new box office films from Hollywood.

Open: Daily from 10:00 -22:00, located directly behind Thavorn Grand Plaza.

Pensri, Phuket Square and Expo markets

Located across the road from the front entrance of Thavorn Grand Plaza is Pensri Market. This is the closest Thai “Bazaar” style market to the hotel and offers a great range of clothes and accessories. Most of the market is undercover and air-conditioned, which is a nice relief from the sun and heat. Expo Phuket is located over the road from Pensri and also offers great bargains on clothes and accessories with new stock arriving from Bangkok fortnightly.

Pensri Market and Phuket Square are located diagonally across the street from Thavorn Grand Plaza on Chana-Chareon Rd. and both are open daily.

Central Festival Phuket

Central Festival is one of the most popular shopping centres in Phuket. It is a three storey complex which is fully air-conditioned. It is a typically Western shopping centre with many stores full of clothes and accessories. It also has a great food area with many International outlets. It is located just outside of Phuket Town, just before the main cross roads coming into town from Patong. The complex has free underground parking and is open daily from 11:00 – 22:00. Central Festival is located on the Bypass Rd. on the way out of town.

Premium Outlet Phuket

Premium Outlet is one of the biggest malls on the island and only a short drive out of  Phuket Town. It offers guaranteed discounts of up to 70% on clothes accessories and other products, with brands from around the globe. The enormous building is nice and cool and you are bound to find great bargains with brands such as Lacoste, Adidas, Warner Bros, Lee, Pierre Cardin, Levi’s, Nautica, Nike and more. The Premium Outlet is located on the Bypass Road between Phuket Town and the Phuket Airport.  It is open 7 days a week from 10:00 to 21:00

 Tesco Lotus

Tesco Lotus is one of the most popular shopping complexes in Phuket Town offering a one stop department store for all your shopping needs. Tesco Lotus is actually the oldest major shopping centre in Phuket and offers a higher quality of products than those found at Big C. The main centre of Tesco Lotus is a large supermarket with groceries including vegetables and fruit. There is also quite an impressive electrical goods department with a range of cameras and phones. There are many small stores around the main supermarket with everything from electrical devices to antique statues and rugs. There is also a wide range of food outlets including McDonalds, KFC and Dunkin Doughnuts.

Upstairs there is an entertainment complex with video games on plasma screens and a children’s play area. Tesco Lotus is located near the start of the Bypass Rd. as you leave town towards the airport. And is open from 9:00 – 21:00 daily.

 Jatujak Weekend Market

Jatujak Weekend Market is undoubtedly the most famous in all of Phuket. The weekend market has an enormous range of different products at great prices and a huge selection of food and beverages with close to 100 different stalls as well fruit stalls with all the local produce. The market is a great place for gifts and souvenirs, as you’re sure to find something different and unique, but is also an excellent place to snap up bargains on clothes and footwear. There is even a section with pets selling puppies and kittens. The real drawing card for the market is the range of food available, so if you feel like something different or exotic for dinner, you can’t go past the Jatujak Weekend Market which is located on Chao Fa West Rd. heading towards Chalong Bay.

HomeWorks Phuket

Homeworks is a two storey department store stocking everything in the way of home and office furniture and accessories. It has a huge range of indoor and outdoor home furniture and home improvement products. It is situated right next to Power Buy Electronics and IT which offers a range of computer and tech gadgets such as phones, mp3 players and cameras. The complex also includes Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Se-ed Bookstore, KFC and Mister Donut. It is located opposite Central Festival on the Bypass Rd. And is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00.

 SB Design Square

Featuring around 100 model show rooms, SB Design Square is one of the biggest suppliers for home accessories and interior designs. The stock ranges from floor carpeting to vases and photo frames. Customers can discuss design ideas with professional interior designers in the store and can also use the 3D computer program to sample plans and ideas. SB Design Square is located opposite Big C on the Bypass Rd. And is open daily from 10:00 to 21:00.

 Index Living Mall

Index Living Mall specializes is chic and modern household goods and appliances. It’s the place to go if you’re after anything in the way of home theatre systems, artworks or bedding and kitchenware. There is also a store specializing in imported rugs. Index Living Mall is located Opposite Big C on the Bypass Road. Index Living Mall is open every day from 10:00 – 21:00


The name says it all for the Supercheap mall. It includes a supermarket, convenience store, liquor department, mini-malls and a food court. There is nothing fancy about shopping at Supercheap and it can get a bit crowded and over-heated, but it is hard to beat when looking for the best value deals in town.

Supercheap is open everyday from 5:00 – 23:00 with medicine and alcohol available from 7:00 onwards. It is located on the way out of Phuket Town on Thepkasattri Rd.

Patong Beach

Jungceylon Shopping Complex

The largest shopping centre in Patong is Jungceylon Shopping Complex which has everything you could possibly need with a Robinsons and Carrefour under the same roof!! The complex contains around 200 other stores and is an impressive building just to go and have a look at, even if you’re not in the mood for shopping. It is located at the top end of Bangla Rd. Where it meets up with Rat-U-Thit Rd. Jungceylon Shopping Complex is open daily from 11:00 till late.

Ocean Plaza Bangla Patong

There are two Ocean Plaza department stores in Patong. They may appear to look like a department store, but they really have similar items and environment to a market. So there is a great range of novelty and knock-off products. The store on Bangla Rd. is three stories high, with the first floor stocked with clothes and there is a range of visual and audio appliances. As with a real market you can barter prices here, so resist paying the marked price on items as you will most likely get them for a cheaper price.

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