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Phuket Resort Hotel | Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, Thailand

Добро пожаловать в THAVORN PALM BEACH RESORT на Пхукете,в Таиланде

Where Thai Tradition Meets Nature

Dear Valued Guests,

We are all aware of the ongoing destruction of our natural world, as each day investors and developers profit at the expense of the environment and through wasteful consumption of the world's precious natural resources.

In the tourism industry, many investors and developers seek to maximize revenue by building tall and crowded buildings, which affect the winds and alter the natural states of the beaches. Very few consider the impact on the local environment as they cut down trees and vegetation, dig into the mountainside and construct huge multi-story buildings with little space for plant life, trees or shrubs.

At our resorts, we strive to preserve the beauty of nature in a lush, green environment that reflects Thai culture and traditions. For this, we need your valued support as the costs for looking after the trees and shrubs and also the land near to the beach, are exceedingly high. Our peaceful and serene surroundings are designed for the relaxation and well-being of all of our guests and we believe in the importance of preserving the local environment for future generations, so they too can be touched by the beauty of nature and take over the responsibility of protecting the natural world.

With your ongoing support, we guarantee that future generations will hear bird song in our tropical orchid gardens, see the vibrant colours of many species of flowers, learn how to care for the trees and plants and encounter different kinds of wildlife, including our much loved rabbits. With this in their hearts they will grow up with beautiful minds attuned to the wonderful gifts of nature.

As the famous saying goes:
“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”.

Thank you for your kind support.

Tilok Thavornwongwongse
Founder of the Thavorn Resorts
September 09. 2008

Exotic Gardens with 2,000
species of tropical plants and flowers

Thavorn Beach Village Spa Thailand

Together, we can preserve the Natural World.