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Bad Food? Food Safety Facts by Thavorn Palm Phuket

Bad Food? Food Safety Facts (by Curious Ladle)

Have you ever wondered that how safe is the food we eat? What kind of ingredients are in our daily meals; ready-to-eat foods from street food stores, nice packaged foods from convenience store? Let’s try to figure it out! Bad Food? Food Safety



Honey Toast is rated as the most popular nowadays. Have you ever known that the sweet honey poured on our dishes is genuine honey, counterfeit honey, or just a honey syrup?

Cr. http://blog.poppysoap.com/2014/09/10/honey-not-all-is-created-equal/


Maraschino Cherry

Sparkling red cherry topping on almost ice-cream menus is one of the most suspicious ingredients. Have you ever wondered that it is the real maraschino cherry or just a bruised cherry dyed with red and boiled in syrup?

Cr. http://www.dishmaps.com/maraschino-cherries/14283



Frozen patties for grilling a quick hamburger is commonly found in many supermarket. It is super easy way for making a fine burger to fill up your meal. However, are you sure that it is made with fine ingredients? Do the manufacturers add any artificial ingredients to reduce cost? Hmmmm…. just a wandering question!!!

Cr. http://www.hbhmeats.co.uk/frozen-burgers/

Main photo Cr. http://eagle.mn/r/18635

Information Credit: Curious Ladle

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