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5 Most Popular Beaches in Phuket

Phuket is the most popular island.  Located  in the heart of Thailand’s most popular tourist destination. There are too many of popular beaches in Phuket that every tourist  would love to visit. Thavorn Hotels & Resort gives you 5 beaches that is most hitting when you travel in Phuket, Thailand 1. Patong Beach Patong Beach…

Wellness vacation

Wellness Vacation Ideas

Surely every one of us have heard of wellness a lot more often lately with vacation time more precious than ever, More people are taking responsibility for their health, partly in reaction to aging, the increase in lifestyle diseases such as arthritis, obesity or depression. Travelers these days, intended to combine healthful habits into the trip in…

Pothong main public transportation in Phuket

Public Transportation in Phuket

Phuket Local Bus There are always questions about transportation in Phuket, that how to traveling to the attractions, there are buses, how much or what’s the cheapest transportation? The Phuket main public transportation is the one of Phuket’s unique, it is the wooden bus which local calls “Song-Taew” or in an ancient called “Po-Thong”. The…