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Countdown places in Phuket

This will include countdown places in Phuket. Welcome for the new year of 2018

When this has arrived to the night of December 31. Everyone must think about the voice of fireworks and the shouting to countdown that is loud resoundingly to welcome the new year and has to say goodbye for the last year. And we have to concentrate one’s attention to wait for the new thing that will be happened in the next year with the new sky. In this time, we would like to recommend places to set countdown parties to welcome the new year of 2018 that the Phuket people can’t miss with 3 interesting places.



In the area of Saphan-Hin, this has set the event regularly for every year. By in the night of December 31, this will have to set fireworks to let lanterns at the peak of Saphan-Hin beautifully.


The Jungceylon shopping center, Phuket

Within the area of the event, this will focus on the light, the color, the voice that will make everyone to be dismayed with the beauty that will touch here only this place both the fountain, the music, the voice power that is magnificently beautiful that will create to send directly to let the Thai people and foreigners to see it!, in this time, this has entertainment activities and other joyfully activities that have decorations with beautiful lights. You must try to go to visit to see it at the Jungceylon shopping center, Phuket and you will be fascinated!! By activities inside the event will be shows from entertainment venues and other agencies to let everyone to enjoy and forget the suffering for a while really.


Patong beach

In the area of the Patong beach, this has set the event to welcome the new year of 2018 fully. This has the light, the color, the voice. You can walk around the beach. You can walk to visit the atmosphere totally. By the area of the edge of the Patong beach. This always has Thai tourists and foreigners to join to countdown heavily and this is still be the center of the fun that the Phuket people have admired to visit the beauty in the night that is very beautiful and romantic extremely for going with your lover and your family perfectly. There is the releasing of lanterns. This has to wait to countdown to welcome the new year. There are fireworks superbly. This is held as the highlight in the countdown that is the one important point that has received the popularity specially.