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Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler : Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket

The minute I saw the motto of the Thavorn hotels “Where Thai tradition meets Nature”, I knew straight away I would love that place.

Although I do not tend to talk that much about the nature, and definitely do not even spend enough time exploring it, either, yet I still hope you all know what a nature freak I am. One of the reasons why I am trying to be vegan as much as I can is also to protect the environment and animals.

So when I visit hotel that was built already in 1987 and see they are doing anything they can to not disturb the life around, I have to give them thumbs up.

I stayed at this hotel just after experiencing their sister property Thavorn Beach Village & Spa
which was very different in many ways. The concept of as many tropical plants around
is the same, yet the whole accommodation, activities and demographics of the tourists are way different.

And to be honest I am not sure which of the two hotels I prefer. Thavorn Beach Village & Spa is more high-end,
with a lovely spa and more romantic surrounding, I’d say a perfect getaway for couples.

However, at the Thavorn Palm Beach I appreciated some Italian trats (the hotel is visited by many Italians),
beautiful Karon beach where a sunset is a must, and a family friendly atmoshere where the staff evenremembered my name.

So I guess when choosing a hotel, it always depends on what you are looking for, right?

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CR Photo & Review: Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler