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The secret of the green tea

The secret of the green tea, What do the kind of the green tea that be delicious?, we have to come to see it!

What is the green tea?

The green tea is the tea that is manufactured with steaming and is massaged in order to keep the condition of the tea leaf to maintain to be same most before it will be brought to dry. Besides, the green tea hasn’t been passed from the fermentation liked other types of teas. This will make the color of the tea water to be the green color.

We always know that the green tea is in the position of the beverage of Japan. But really, the green tea wasn’t in Japan since the first time!, when Japan had started to contact with China, there was one Japanese priest had travelled to China in order to study about the Buddhism and had brought the compressed tea and tea seeds to cross the sea back to the temple. One day, the Saga emperor had come to visit at the temple. The monk would make the tea to offer to the emperor and he was impressed. The green tea would be grown further in the palace fence until this had become to be favorite for the nobleman. Until the time had passed, the green tea had become widespread more until this has created the culture of making the tea.


The category of the green tea:

Gyokuro is the green tea in the category of the new tea leaf that has been passed of feeding in the indoor place in order to keep the nutrient most. This can harvest gradually. This will make Gyokuro tea to have the expensive price. This will focus on using in the ceremony. The taste is sweet and less astringent. The special aspect of Gyokuro tea is the tea leaf will be rolled beautifully.

Matcha is from Tencha tea that is fed in the indoor place liked Gyokuro tea before this will bring to grind to be the powder with the stone punctiliously. This will always use in the tea ceremony. Matcha can be divided to many grades such as, for making the sweet, the beverage, making the tea in the ceremony etc. This can notice from the color of Matcha. The more Matcha has the dark color, the more quality it will be. If we drink Matcha for 1 cup, we will receive the nutrient equal to the drinking of the green tea in other categories for 10-15 cups also.


Sencha, the green tea that the Japanese people have drunk in the daily life. This has no need to feed in the indoor place. This can harvest in the first period or the second period of the year. There are many baking methods that will make the tea to have the different taste.

Bancha, the second quality from Sencha tea because this will harvest in the third period or the fourth period of the year. This can use to drink generally. This is the tea leaf that is remained from the treetop. This has the soft taste.

Houjicha, this has made from Bancha tea, Sencha tea and Kukicha tea that is harvested in the last time to mix together before this will bring to parch in order to make the tea to have the brown color. This has the soft taste. This has the sweet smell that is suitable for drinking during the meal or after the dinner and this is suitable for the child because this has the low caffeine.

Genmaicha or the husked rice tea, this is Bancha tea that will be brought to parch with the husked rice. This is the tea that can be seen in Japanese restaurants. In the past era, this was held as, “the tea of every people”, because in the past, the tea would have the expensive price. The Japanese people would bring the tea to parch with the husked rice in order to have the lower price and every class of the people can buy it.

In the small tea leaf, this has the good nutrient hidden much. What do the kind of the taste that you like?, you can select it in the next round and this will guarantee that you won’t miss it.