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chillaxing hammocks phuket

Hammocks. Make your holiday at home, everywhere is chillaxing with Tiya’s Hammocks.

Tiya’s Hammocks…

From my own passion of loving to spend time in the hammock, like my times on vacation at grandma’s house in Chiang Rai, where my family come from, I would  stay in the hammock under the house to just chill and relax. Yes, under the house, most of Thai northern style houses have space under the house to feel the breeze while working on the households just like an outdoor living room.




Personal love, easy living and a chilled lifestyle made me come up with this business with love. I realized that you can create that holiday moment anywhere, even at your house in town, or even better, if you have a nice house by the sea or up in the mountains.

Create a unique holiday atmosphere at your own home whether it’s a single sized apartment condominium or large indoor/outdoor living space of a luxury villa, we have a vast range of hammocks that will suit your home.




All of Tiya’s Hammocks are handmade in local communities with standard quality control and a professional team working well with talented locals to bring out the best to our clients.

Office is based on the paradise island of Phuket Thailand. Able to ship anywhere worldwide.





This hammock reaching the consumers’ satifaction by its grace,

style and incredible comfort. All hammocks are hand made by

well supervised local community in Chiang Mai, beautiful

northern Thailand. With knitting that are stronger and last

longer and even more comforable.

A perfect furniture to fullfil relaxation atmosphere at your back

or front yard or even indoor space of your living room




From another talented community in the north of Thailand at the

border near Laos and Myanmar, these handmade with the best

coarse-string colorful hammocks category made by Mexican

technique from extra thick cotton yarns of over 1km long,

comprising 5000 loops, giving you comfort and lively bright

colors with worth value to own one.

Suitable for family as its capacity is up to 250 kilograms.



Kids will love it!


If you’re looking for comfortable and durable hammock, this is

the one. Stand well in the rains or sun, any season you’re in.


For more Info:


Call: 089 600 0041

E-Mail: [email protected]

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