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indoor plants

How To Take Care Indoor Plants

Plants might be the perfect home accessory for you to freshens up your home, and improves your mood after a long day at work but it is also not easy to maintain. There are so many varieties of different species each with their own different requirements and we aren’t all have a green thumb. So, here I am with some recommended indoor plants that’s hard to kill and a easy instructions that I have picked up from some expert, for how to care for them.


  1. Cactus

indoor plants

Cactus is the most popular choice of an indoor plants and a nearly impossible to be kill. These tiny little plants are cute and very easy to care for. Most people thought succulent and cactus is the same thing, it’s real but it’s not all true. Cactus is simply a type of succulent that can store moisture but is placed in a separate category and not all succulents are cactus. They shared some similarities and some slightly different way of caring. Cactus require abundant sunlight and just some amount of water, place them near the window is good enough but do not let the bright sun shine directly on it or it might burn.


2. Snake plant

snake plants

Snake plant or have been know in a more fierce name Mother in law’s tongue is also hard to be kill and easy to care for. It can survive for up to a month without water and can flourishes in shade or indirect sunlight. You can watering it once or twice a month and try to avoid getting the leaves wet while you water.


3. Chinese Evergreen

chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen is one of the best plants for beginner due to its ease of care and super-easy to grow. You can grow Chinese evergreen anywhere in your home, it tolerates low light, but also grows well in bright spots. You can water it regularly every week, or water it once every few weeks, it will do just fine for both.


4. Bamboo Palm

bamboo plam

Bamboo Palm is one of the best choice of plant to purify the air in the room and also very easy to care for. Water it once the soil surface seems dry, water it until the soil is evenly moist. Don’t over water the palm, make sure that the plant is draining properly and not sitting in water. Bamboo palm is not a small-sized plants, so it will keep growing, you have to re-pot it once it becomes too large for its present pot.


5. Aloe Vera

aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a very popular house plant, besides adding a nice greenly touch to your room, aloe vera also have a wide range of health benefits, it is best know for the healing qualities of the gel. You can harvest aloe vera gel from your plant to use it on minor burns or cuts, and some skin care products if you want. The most important thing about aloe vera plant care is proper lighting, Aloe vera plants will grow their best when given lots of light, It thrives good in bright sunlight. Aloe Veras are tolerant to dry conditions, you can water it once or twice a month.