10 Popular and Unique New Year Gifts Ideas

New Year Festival is coming. Everyone is looking for something special for the special one. But for those who have no ideas about gifts, don’t worry, today we are presenting you 10 popular and classic New Year gifts ever.


  1. Glass

A glass, crystal clear, is a classic gift used in everyday life. Person getting this gift will love it.


  1. Cash

This is one of many ideas that a receiver will be impressed because money or gold is a symbol of “Luckiness”. It means you give good or lucky things to others.



  1. Wallet

Small wallet with a beautiful design is a lovely present. It is also suitable for person who collects coins.


  1. Save The World Bag

No matter how much time passes, “Save The World Bag” is still popular, in trend, and useful. Many people are going to love this awesome gift because it is functional with its eyes-catching design.


  1. Key Chain

Thai people love key chain as a gift and be glad to get it. It is worth to be kept.

note book

  1. Notebook, Diary

Bookworms love not only reading, but also taking notes. So, if you are looking for a New Year present which could keep the memories by writing something down, a beautiful diary is the best choice.


  1. Coin Bank

Coin bank is a very popular gift which has many designs such as piggy bank. Stop thinking that it is old-fashion. Many receivers still love them because of its classic.


  1. Bookmark

If you are looking for a gift for readers, do not hesitate to buy this beautiful metal heart bookmark to express your good feeling. A receiver is going to love and be enchanted by its design.


  1. Ring

Ring is the most precious and meaningful present for special one of all time. Not only for New Year, but also for other special occasions, ring can be impressed a receiver’s feeling.


  1. Spa Items, Scented Soap

Woman always comes with beauty. If you, a man, have no idea what present to be bought for your girl, skin care and spa gift set or scented soap with cute packaging are great ideas. Your love is going to be impressed and love your present.


10 recommended popular New Year gifts are great ideas, beautiful, cute and impressing. If you are the one who is looking for a present for your special one, do not forget our recommended ideas.