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The Importance of Planning in a Family Holiday

When it comes to organising a family holiday in Thailand, there is a lot more to it than just picking a nice Phuket family resort and hoping for the best. Many parents will perhaps already realise this, particularly if they have one or two vacations with kids under their belt, but plenty will not.


Phuket, with its dozens of beautiful sandy beaches and generally laid-back atmosphere, seems like a great place to take a relaxing holiday. However, the slight problem with this is that children, particularly between the ages of about 5 and 13, do not particularly want to kick back and relax. They are full of energy, enthusiasm and curiosity and, without entertainment, the beach life will very quickly grow boring.


Attractions in Phuket

One of the first things to consider, when it comes to planning your family holiday in Phuket, is finding out about some of the nearby attractions you can visit and explore. While Phuket is famous for the beautiful Wat Chalong and Big Buddha, these attractions are better for older children and adults who can appreciate the architectural marvels and the spirituality of the experience.




More approachable attractions for children could include Phuket Aquarium, Phuket Elephant Sanctuary and the Mai Khao Turtle Marine Foundation. If your kids are the inquisitive sort, the Phuket Mining Museum is particularly interesting and is probably the most fun museum around. Thanks to the relatively small size of the island (even if it is Thailand’s biggest), most of these are easily accessible from any Phuket family resort.


Activities in Phuket

Interesting attractions will certainly keep your kids’ minds occupied, but probably won’t help burn off their excess energy. For that, you need something which will keep them active. Picking a Phuket family resort near Patong is a bonus, in this regard. Perhaps consider go-karting, zip-lining, zorbing, cable waterskiing, flow-riding or puzzling your way out of a room escape game, all of which are available in or close to Patong, as are other activities.




Family-Friendly Hotel

From the sound of the previous paragraphs, you might be thinking that any hope of getting some rest and relaxation out of a family holiday in Phuket is lost. However, you don’t need to be visiting interesting attractions or exciting activities every day you’re here, particularly if you pick the right Phuket family resort.




Younger kids, with their powerful imaginations, will often find entertainment in quite simple things, like a cool swimming pool, a simple petting zoo or a modest kids club. Thavorn Palm Beach Resort in Karon has all of these in spades. It has no less than four swimming pools, some specifically designed with kids in mind. One is close to the kids clubs and the other is among the resort’s extensive tropical gardens, which are also home to friendly rabbits, tortoises and birds. Aside from that, the hotel is pretty close to Patong, is right by the beach, and has more than enough facilities to keep parents happy, too!