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Phuket Holiday Guide | Tips On Getting Cheap Flights

Believe it or not, getting cheap flights from anywhere in the world to make sure that your Phuket holiday never threatens to break your bank account is a lot easier than most people make it out to be.

Sure, you need to take advantage of as many of the tips and tricks we are able to share with you below to save just as much money as humanly possible on this kind of excursion, but at the end of the day you shouldn’t ever have to spend more for your flights and then you do on a luxury stay at some of the best Phuket Beach resort options on the island.

Shall we dive right in?


Cr. by thriftynormals.com


ALWAYS search for your flights using the “Incognito” mode on your browser

All of the major discount flight websites out there are going to use cookies to try and determine just how serious you are about buying a ticket to Phuket, and they are going to raise their prices every single time you come back and search again just to put the pressure on you to purchase your tickets – even if they were shouldn’t be that high to begin with.


By searching for these flights using the “Incognito” mode of your browser you’ll be eliminating completely the impact that cookies have on your searches and will be able to find truly discounted prices.

Never purchase the first cheap flight you come across


Another big mistake a lot of people make when they are purchasing flights for their Phuket holiday is jumping on top of the first deal that seems too good to be true without conducting extra research to make sure that it’s as advantageous a discount as they have been led to believe it to be.

Always compare three or four different sites against one another to find the best deals possible – and it’s not a bad idea to use this same tactic when you were trying to find the best inexpensive Phuket hotels, either.



Don’t be shy about splurging on your accommodations

Since you are going to be able to visit this beautiful tropical island without blowing up your budget or breaking your bank account using the tips we outlined above to find inexpensive flights will be able to save quite a bit of money – and you want to put at least a little bit of that savings towards visiting the best Phuket Beach resort around.


We recommend Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa and Thavorn Palm Beach Resort.

Both resorts represent 5-five beachfront properties. Stay at Thavorn Beach Village to enjoy luxurious accommodation on a private beach, or Thavorn Palm Beach Resort to enjoy beachfront accommodation on the prime Karon beach.