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Romance Is Better In Hotel Rooms- Science Says So!

Have you ever checked into a hotel room and felt that it was just a little bit more…exciting than your bedroom at home? You’re certainly not alone as many others have felt that their Phuket honeymoon resort was a bit more romantic than their usual accommodation. There could quite easily be a number of reasons for this feeling, but one of them is probably your own psychology.


The Facts

Ian Kerner, a sex counselor and licensed psychotherapist, told the Huffington Post that people have a certain mindset when checking into a hotel. “There’s something a little luxurious, languorous, sumptuous about a hotel that lends itself to feeling sexual,” he said. “the novelty of the hotel room is going to stimulate dopamine transmission in the brain.”




Dopamine is sometimes known as the ‘feel-good’ hormone and control’s the brain’s pleasure and reward centres. It is released when you laugh out loud, achieve a goal, get a massage or kiss. According to 56% of couples surveyed by Travelocity, it is also released on entering a hotel room – something they said has kept the spark in their relationships.


The Reasons

Naturally, Phuket honeymoon resorts go to some pains to create the right atmosphere for romance, providing comfort, luxury and mood. Candlelit dinners, large and soft beds, high-quality spas and first-class service all help you to relax and unwind. The parts of the brain associated with stress and anxiety switch off and the parts associated with pleasure switch on.




“I think a hotel – as a sort of generic luxury – automatically helps people tune out the anxiety,” added Kerner. “There aren’t photos of kids, bills that need to be paid, books that need to be read; you’re in a place out of time, out of your life.”


The Place

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort in Karon Beach ticks all the right boxes as the ideal romantic Phuket honeymoon resort. It has elegant and spacious rooms, outstanding restaurants with sunset views, the beautiful beach just a short walk away, extensive tropical gardens and, most importantly of all, large and comfortable beds.




Whether you are planning your honeymoon or just a holiday with that special someone, how does this sound for a plan: Spend a day on the soft sand of Karon Beach, or perhaps lazing around one of four swimming pools in the peaceful hotel grounds, tasting drinks and snacks from the poolside bars. Enjoy the sunset and a tasty Royal Thai dinner on the terrace of the Old Siam Restaurant before retiring to a classically styled room with modern amenities.