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Phuket Travel Guide For Beginners Phuket’s Dos and Don’ts

DO reply on the tourist police in cases of emergency  They can speak English generally well and have the reputation of being helpful. Use your judgment in determining which cases to report to the police. If someone threatens to harm you or steals your valuables then obviously it is appropriate to contact them for help Phuket Tourist Police emergency number: 1155 (Available 24 hours)


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DO smile and show appreciation Thai people are known to be friendly and helpful. If you notice a Thai stranger smiling at you, they are not making fun of you so remember to smile back! Showing appreciating by saying “KhobKhun” (Thank you) can also go a long way.


DO Bargain It is acceptable to bargain for prices in Thailand (except in retail stores). While bargaining is expected and welcomed, be reasonable in offering prices and don’t undercut the price too much as it may be seen as disrespectful.


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DON’T disrespect the monarchy People in Thailand highly respect the royal family. Do not make fun or ridicule the royals as Thais will find this highly offensive and you may get arrested.


DON’T drink tab water While the local health authorities say tab water in Phuket Town and Patong is safe to drink, in all other areas water treatment systems are either non-existent or not scrutinized. Drinking contaminated water could result in diarrhea or other diseases. Most hotels provide in-room bottled water. Another alternative is to purchase bottled water from supermarkets and convenient stores located all around Phuket.


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DON’T sunbath topless It is against the law to sunbath topless in Thailand.


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DON’T display too much PDA Thai people are generally very conservative and too much public display of affection can make them uncomfortable. Holding hands and hugging are typically fine but kissing in public is generally unacceptable to many people.


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