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vegetarian festival 2017

The thing that must know in Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2017

vegetarian festival 2017

The vegetarian festival 2017

is on October 20-28, 2017 including for 10 days. Some person may eat vegetarian foods in advance for 1 day or this is called, “the lavage”.

What is “The lavage” ?

The eating of vegetarian foods before the real vegetarian festival approximately for 1-2 days. By personally, this will be popular to have the lavage before the real vegetarian festival for 1 day in order to clean the meat or other meat dishes that are remained in the body out for all. When this has arrived to the vegetarianism day, the body will be clean and is ready to have the vegetarianism day according to the tradition.

What is the meaning of the vegetarian food?

“The eating of vegetarian food”, means the observing of religious precepts liked Vietnamese and Chinese that don’t eat the fresh food and the meat but they will consume foods in the type of the vegetable that have no fresh food and the meat to mix. The eating of the vegetable food, the food that is come from the natural vegetable that has no any meat to mix and hasn’t been cooked with 5 kinds of spicy vegetables such as, the garlic, the onion, garlic chives, the tobacco leaf and the restraint of the fresh milk, the condensed milk also because this is held as the fresh food and the meat.

vegetarian festival 2017

Any kind of vegetable that isn’t the vegetarian food

In the vegetarian period, the vegetable that can’t be eaten, will have 6 kinds together such as, the garlic, the onion, the Chinese elephant garlic, garlic chives and the tobacco leaf.

Main prohibitions in eating of the vegetarian food

1.The refrain of the meat and the prohibition to harm the animal.

2.The refrain of the milk, the butter and the oil from the animal.

3.The refrain of the extreme flavor food for the spicy food, the sweet food, the sour food, the salty food.

4.The refrain of the vegetable or strong smell spices such as, the garlic, the onion, the elephant garlic, garlic chives including the tobacco leaf and other alcohols because those aforementioned vegetables are vegetables that have the heavy taste, the severe stinky.

5.There is no mixing of using dishes and must eat the food that the vegetarian has cooked.

6.Cancels to drink the alcohol and every kind of liquors.

7.There is the prohibition to extinguish 9 lanterns in the place for eating the vegetarian food because this is the sign of Nine emperor gods that must incense to pay respect for all the day and all the night until this will end the vegetarian festival and if the lantern is extinguished, this will be held as this is not the good luck including eating of the vegetarian food won’t be completed also.

vegetarian festival 2017

Benefits from eating the vegetarian food

1.The body can defecate all wastes out. This will make not to have the remaining toxin inside.

2.When we have eat the vegetarian food regularly. The blood will be washed to have the cleanness more. Other cells of the body will be deteriorated slowly. This will make the life to be so long. We will have the refreshing skin, the strong body and we will feel to have the good health also.

3.Main important organs such as, the heart, the kidney, the spleen, the liver, the lung and other component organs that are the large intestine, the small intestine, the urinary bladder, the stomach, the gall bladder. All will be strong and can work normally and completely.

4.This can resist the toxin higher than the normal people. In all of vegetarians, they will haven’t appear to have the severe disease or the chronic disease such as, the cancer, the heart disease, the hypertension, the coronary artery disease, the fatty blockage in the artery disease, the kidney disease etc.

5.The eating of the vegetarian food will make to create the mercy. This will create the peace and the intelligence, the irritated temper. This isn’t easily to be angry.