Phuket Weather Guide

Phuket Weather Guide

 The best traveling time in Phuket varies on different factors. Weather is one of the primary reasons for many people. Most of the people appreciate the low period because of fewer visitors in the island and the airfares and resort are lower. Other people chose the peak season because of the active nightlife and crowds. In this Phuket weather guide, you will be able to identify and learn the weather conditions throughout the year and can provide you idea on when is the best time for you to visit the island.



Phuket, Thailand possess three seasons. In terms of rainy season, you can expect that it is wet and hot. For the hot season, it is truly hot, and for cool season, the temperature is hot. This is because the weather is controlled by the monsoon wind that is in the course of the customary wind, being subjective to the differences in the process the land and the oceans retain heat. In the summer months of April up to October the greater Asian land mass become warmer than ocean. The air above the Indian Ocean is heavier and colder, which moves towards the war air on top of the land, leading to warm southwest wind above the Indian Ocean carrying rain and warm wet air to Phuket.

Once the Asian continent cools on the months of November to April, ocean waters warm up the land more. The outstanding wind direction changes and originates from the northeast, over China, creating a drier and cooler air and the good weather condition can be expected in Phuket. As a result, the Phuket weather is easy to forecast.

The cool season n Phuket continues from November to February. Temperatures vary from 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The level of rainfall varies from 190 mm in the month of November up to 32 mm in month of February. Northeast winds starts in November and it provide rainy season. The cool season is assumed to be the greatest time of the year to travel Phuket for the reason of blue sky, minimal rainfall, lower humidity, and temperatures are contentedly hot. This is also the time for high season in of Phuket since most visitors comes during Christmas and New Year.



Hot season happens in the month of March until May. Temperatures range from 80-93 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainfall ranges from 106 mm in the month of March up to 265 mm in month of May.

On the rainy season in Phuket, the winds of monsoon blow starting in April and May that carries rains with the best quantity. In the months of May, September, and October the rain occurs for longer period of time.

These are the things that can be expected in Phuket weather. For those who are planning to visit Phuket, Thailand, it is better that this guide should be highly considered so that the best things in will happen during the vacation. Having a memorable vacation is possible once you know what type of weather your chosen area has.

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