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Reasons why we need a massage

Reasons Why You Need A Massage & Where To Get It In Phuket

So many of us might keep asking our self that does massage therapy is really work? or does it just feel nice? We often think that it’s some kind of a luxury guilty pleasure that makes us seems spoiled if we want to go to spa. Good news is, it’s actually work! Whither it’s hand or a back rub from your partner, or a proper massages from professional therapists is good for us. Research suggests that getting massaged can actually benefit our health.

Want a proof ? Here you go; University of Miami Medical School, USA; Fielding Graduate University, USA. have describe Massage Theraphy definition as below;

Moderate pressure massage has contributed to many positive effects including increased weight gain in preterm infants, reduced pain in different syndromes including fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, enhanced attentiveness, reduced depression and enhanced immune function (increased natural killer cells and natural killer cell activity). Read more

Now we have excuses, so we can keep going to spa without feeling like we’re spoiling our self too much.

Chann spa

What massages does?

Kills your pain

A study found that regularly massage to the lower back can help release the pain. Thai massage have been known for the best to help you discharge your pain. The therapist will use their hands or knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches and applied deep muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure. Some posture might look a little bit scary and painful, but it does work well and not as painful as it seems.

Reduces stress

Stress is directly related to a wide variety of health issues. When we’re in stress, our bodies release the hormones adrenaline and cortisol to help us react to the situation. The problem is that this reaction making it hard to relax. Massage can release important endorphins, like serotonin and dopamine which are body’s chemical messengers that help you calm down.

Balances and Increases Energy

Massages can improves your circulation and increase the levels of oxygen in your blood. That also means it is easier for your body system to deliver important nutrients all over your body. Another obvious reason is that getting massaged can boost energy. It helps you relax which make you sleep better and makes you feel fully rested so you have more energy during the day.

Helps your skin

Oil Massage can help nourishes your body and keep your skin youthful. Apart from that it also prevents the wrinkles and the signs of sun damage. Also if you have stretch marks, you definately want to get rid of them. One thing that can help them go away is to massage them with essential oils such as coconut oil, tea tree oil or rosehips oil every day. Massaging will help your tissues regenerate and your stretch marks will eventually fade away.



How often should we get a massage?

As a modern life workers, we have to deal with chronic back pain from office syndrome and any other issues related to stress. It is a good idea to get a massage at least once or twice(at most) a week. A massage will better your whole body because of the relaxation that comes after it.


Where should I go?

It’s clearly not hard to find a Spa in Phuket, you can meet at least one spa shop in every corner you turned to. But don’t just go to any spa you meet first, not every spa have expertise or certificate, or proper facility, or hygiene or even morality…. Some local spa can rip you off pretty hard, this is not only happens to tourists, as a local myself, So was I…

My experience in one of a local spa shops in Thalang. We settle the price at the beginning and after the massages, they ask me to pay THB 300.- surcharge for using herbal balm on me… even without asking for my opinion wether I want it or not.

Here is my recommended list of spa shop;

Chann Spa

This luxury spa is located in Kamala Phuket and nestled within Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa, open for all guests. If you’re looking forward to indulged in the utmost spa experience, visit Chann Spa. They provide all the spa facilities you ever need, included sauna and Jacuzzi hot tub.

Check their official website: Chann Spa

Mine Spa

You can find this boutique spa in Index Living Mall, next to Siriroj Hospital. The spa is small but well decorated and the price is considerate cheap for locals (50% of normal price for foreigners)