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5 Great Reasons to Visit Phuket

The tropical island paradise of Phuket has been a well-known name on many holiday bucket lists since at least the mid-1990s, but reputation alone isn’t a particularly good reason to travel halfway around the world. What is a convincing reason is the fact that Thailand’s largest island has a lot to offer almost any kind of traveller, from a remarkable attractions to relaxing Phuket family resorts and a lot more besides.


1. Culture

Local Culture in Phuket

Cr. http://www.embark.org/thailand/phuket/culture

Thailand generally has a wonderful culture and a colourful history, with each part of the Land of Smiles having its own unique charm and attractions. This is perhaps most vivid in Phuket, with its wonderful Old Town. Constructed in the mid-19th century, when the island was in the midst of a highly profitable tin mining boom, its Sino-Portuguese-style buildings are grand, opulent and well-preserved. From more recent history, the Phuket Big Buddha is similarly grand, ranking among the largest Buddha statues in the country, its white jade marble gleaming in the sun from its hilltop position. With vibrant markets, fascinating museums and beautiful temples, there’s a varied selection of things to see and experience.


2. Cuisine

Food is among Thailand’s most famous exports, but nothing compares to Thai food prepared by experienced Thai chefs in Thailand. From the simplest street stall to the most opulent restaurant of the finest Phuket family resort, the delightful blend of flavours available is something you have to taste to believe. Being an island, the local cuisine naturally leans heavily on seafood, with the Tom Yam Goong (spicy prawn soup) being a particular must-try.


3. Beaches

beach destination, phuket beach resort

With over 30 of them around the island, it is hardly surprising that Phuket is known as a beach destination. Each features soft, fine white sand, gently caressed by turquoise seas and shaded by nodding palms. It is almost the archetype of paradise. With such a wide selection available comes variety, and it is possible to find busy and lively options as well as peaceful deserted ones.


4. Nightlife

As with the beaches and the culture, the nightlife in Phuket is extremely varied. At one extreme, Patong’s Bangla Road is a dense concentration of noisy bars and nightclubs – ideal for the dedicated party animal. Bangtao offers sophisticated beach clubs, Phuket Town is where the locals go to let their hair down and Karon, with its many Phuket family resorts, offers something in the middle – fun, but not crazy.


5. Hotels

thavorn palm beach resort, karon, phuket

Perhaps most importantly of all, you will find a stunning variety of Phuket family resorts right across the island. Thanks to its central location among the best of the island’s attractions, right by one of the best beaches and featuring outstanding dining options, Thavorn Palm Beach in Karon is among the best. It uniquely boasts five swimming pools, as well as great facilities for families, spacious grounds and lovely luxurious rooms which immerse you in Phuket’s fascinating history without sacrificing supreme comfort. On its own, it is a great reason to visit Phuket.