Romantic Countdown for a Couple

Romantic Countdown

Romantic Countdown for a Couple.

The New year countdown brings the exciting, enjoyment and joyful to everyone but for the couple, they may need more for the romantic moment. If you are looking for the idea of where to go or what to do special for your romantic countdown? Here’s some idea to go/do with the lover!

1. Dress up

Ware the bright casual clothing for your special night.

Dress up for countdown

2. Dinner

The romantic poolside dining with the international buffet in some luxury hotel is the good option. The place that not crowdy, then you can enjoy every moment together.

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, Karon offers the international buffet, poolside dining with Phuket lobster, including the entertainment such as the show and live DJ.

Romantic Poolside Dining in Karon

3. Dancing

Dancing in the mood, enjoying music and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of New Year’s Eve, like it only 2 of you.

Dancing in the mood