Songkran in Phuket

If you’re planning to visit Thailand in the middle of April, there is something you need to be ready for. It’s basically the biggest street party in the world, spanning the entire country and basically bringing the entire place to a halt for a week. It’s called Songkran, and booking a Phuket resort near Patong is a good way to be ready for it.


What is Songkran?

Imagine a water fight on a nice summer’s day, with buckets and guns full of water and a crossfire which will almost guarantee that anyone walking within 10 metres of it will get at least a little damp. Well, take that mental image and amplify it by several orders of magnitude and you have an idea of what a modern Songkran looks like. It’s not so much a water fight as a water war!




While some parts of Thailand see water being thrown around for a full week, Phuket’s version tends to be a little tamer, lasting only a few days at the most, with most of the action taking place in Patong. This is why a Phuket resort near Patong is such a good idea – it keeps you close enough to enjoy the fun without being right in the middle of the chaos.


What was Songkran?

The origins of this water festival are a lot tamer than the current reality. It started out as a Buddhist New Year celebration, welcoming the start of the rainy season and washing away the bad luck of the past year. It was generally celebrated by gently pouring water over the hands of elderly relatives, not emptying a bucket of ice water on anyone within reach.




While the modern version may have lost a lot of its traditional charm, it makes up for that by being one hell of a wild party! It is a lot of carefree fun, with tourists and locals alike getting in on the action, dousing complete strangers and wishing each other a happy new year.


Where to Stay?

Some people find Songkran to be a little overwhelming, especially if they were not expecting or planning on it when booking their trip. For at least half a week in April, it becomes impossible to step out of your hotel without getting soaked, often with ice-cold water, which can be very uncomfortable. The best way to enjoy it is at a slight remove, by staying at a Phuket resort near Patong but not actually in the city itself.




Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is a very good solution. Being located by Karon Beach, it offers all of the wonderful advantages of a beautiful beach destination and is only a short drive away from Patong, so you can get right into the fun if you choose to. If Songkran doesn’t sound like your idea of a relaxing break, you can safely avoid it in the expansive hotel grounds, safe from being splashed.