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When Is The Best Weather And Best Time Of The Year For Your Phuket Vacation?

Many travelers all over the world would agree that Phuket is definitely worth a visit. Phuket holiday or vacation can completely be spent lazing on the lovely beaches and exploring the islands nearby or taking in amazing inland vistas or exploring the glittering temples.


Good Reasons to Visit and Explore Phuket

As one of the largest islands in Thailand, Phuket is indeed a great escape for individuals looking for world-class island holiday made even more exciting with the desolate beaches, lovely hotels, enticing foods, cultural diversity, thrilling night life and more. Regardless of your age, style, interest or budget, there is certainly something in Phuket for everyone. So you better sit back, relax and enjoy everything that Phuket has to offer.



One of the biggest reasons to visit Phuket is the highly secluded beaches. It is not a secret that Phuket has the best white sand beaches in the world. If you wanted to break free and enjoy the sun and the sand, plan your Phuket vacation now and enjoy the beach. Phuket is also considered as one of the great hubs for exciting island hopping. There are actually numerous choices from the major tourist attractions even up to the smaller mysterious islands all across Phuket. There are also options for day trips and you can enjoy this by riding private boats.


The Best Time of the Year to Go on a Phuket Holiday

If you are planning for a Phuket vacation, it would be best to know what you are really in for. You also need to be weather wise before packing your bags and pursuing your plans. With your Phuket holiday, one thing is for sure, you will surely be more comfortable with your flip flops and beach wear. Rain or shine, Phuket is definitely hot.


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The best time to go to Phuket is December to March when the weather is good. November to April are the best months to go diving, April to November, the best time to go surfing and more. If you wanted to save more money, it would be best to go to Phuket on September and October.


January is also an ideal time for the family to go on a Phuket vacation. During this month, the seas tend to be flat providing lots of exciting and fun activities especially for the kids. There is also lower humidity and lesser chance of rain. The average temperature is about 23 to 32 degrees. This is the peak season for tourists and hotel and resort rates go higher and beaches started to be overcrowded.


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In reality, there is really no perfect time to visit and explore Phuket since everyday can be the perfect day to visit. All you have to do is make some research and do some careful planning so that you will not be disappointed. Depending on the activities you choose on your Phuket holiday vacation, you can easily determine the most suitable time for your Phuket vacation and allow you to enjoy this tropical island to the fullest.