The Environmentally Friendly Service (Green Hotel)

The Environmentally Friendly Service (Green Hotel)

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort has received a certificate “The Environmentally Friendly Service (Green Hotel) 2016″

Hotels are one of the business sectors that consume resources and energy, produce pollution to the air, and generate
solid waste and wastewater to the environment. These environmental problems lead to the creation of greenhouse gases
into the atmosphere which is the cause of climate change and global warming problems.

Department of Environmental Quality Promotion has launched “Environmentally Friendly Hotel (Green Hotel)” project
with aims to enhance the use of resources and energy of the hotels, and improve the standard of service to become
more environmentally friendly ones.

Criteria of the Green Hotel
1. Environmental Policy
2. Capacity building
3. Public relations and campaigns
4. Green procurement
5. Environmental management and energy conservation
6. Participation with local community


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