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6 beautiful view points on Phuket Island


1.Rang Hill View Point, this Rang Hill View Point in the center of the Phuket city is the view point of 180 degrees that can be seen for both the sea and the Phuket city together. This can view for the day and the night. If anyone has come in the day time, he will be able to see the Phuket city until to the sea. But if anyone has come in the night time, he will see the glitter in the city that is bright and beauty for another form.


2.Toa Sae View Point, the highest view point in the Phuket city with the height of 250 metres of the top of the mountain. This will make us to be able to see the Phuket city and the sea that is far than Rang Hill and this is beautiful in another form and this view point will be full with monkeys to come to wait to receive foods from tourists also.


3. Kaokhad View Point Tower, the view point that is beautiful and this hasn’t lost to other points that is located on the area of the Makham bay, the Panwa cape. When we have walked to the view point, we will be able to see the surrounding view for 360 degrees for both the Makham Bay, the Phuket Bay, Mai Thon Island and the Andaman sea.


4. Karon View Point, this is another point that shalln’t be missed. This is locate during Nai Han beach to Katanoi beach ( According to the route surrounding of the island), for this area, this can see the bay for 3 bays such as, Katanoi beach, Kata Bay and Karon Bay. This can arrange to have the curve aspect liked the crescent moon that is long consecutively for 3 bays.


5. Promthep cape, the is the view point that is the important landmark of the Phuket Island that is the end cape of Phuket. This is the viewpoint that can see the sunset into the sea that is beautiful as the world rank quite because this point will see the sun to move down to the sea clearly.


6. The wind turbine view point is the view point that is located next from the Phromthep cape a little bit. Most of tourists that have come here, will want to hide tourists in the area of the view point of the Phromthep cape. The prominent sign of here is the white wind turbine that is located on the top of the mountain of the view point from the view point that when we have view out, we will see the Phromthep cape and Nai Han beach clearly.