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What not to miss for your Phuket holiday

A Phuket holiday will naturally feature lazing on the beach very prominently. With over 30 of them, it is what the beautiful island in the south of Thailand is best known for. However, there’s so much more to see in this popular tourist destination.


Start Big

Probably the best-known of Phuket’s many attractions is the Big Buddha. At 45m tall, perched on one of the highest hills on the island and clad in glittering white jade marble, the Buddha in meditative pose can be seen from far across Phuket as he looks across Chalong, towards the rising sun.

Being in such a high position, it can be tricky to reach the Big Buddha, but it is well worth doing. It is a fascinating place, with stunning views and a wonderful feeling of serenity to it. It will give you a real connection to Thailand, which cannot be so easily obtained on a sandy beach. This should definitely be on your bucket list for your Phuket holiday.


Colourful History


Phuket has a colourful past, which is nowhere better demonstrated than in Phuket Old Town. Thalang Road is the main road going through the middle of this delightful area and it is lined with brightly-painted buildings of a style which harks back to the island’s tin mining boom of the mid to late 19th century.

Aside from giving you an interesting glimpse into days gone by, a walk around Old Town also gives you the chance to see some of Phuket’s more unique shops and restaurants. This is perhaps one of the best places to pick up some good souvenirs at discount rates.


Life is a Cabaret


Aside from the fantastic food, beautiful beaches and unbeatable hospitality, Thailand is also known for its famous cabaret shows. No Phuket holiday can be called complete until you’ve seen one of these all-singing, all-dancing shows, with a level of grandiose glamour and entertainment which is rarely seen these days. There are several to choose from in Phuket, but the best is Simon Cabaret, between Karon and Patong.

All of these fantastic attractions are within easy reach of the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort on Karon Beach. Most importantly, so is Karon Beach itself, which is a stunning 3 km stretch of soft white sand, found just over the road from the resort. Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is the ideal central location for exploring Phuket’s top attractions, with a warm welcome waiting for you when you return.

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