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What to Do On a Rainy Day In Phuket | Phuket Holiday Tips

There is no denying that Phuket is a beautiful place, and when the sun is shining there are beautiful things to see whether you are on a beach, in a boat or adventuring through wooded hills. However when it rains you may not want to be out in it, so here are some things to do to still make your Phuket holiday special.


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The Jungceylon Phuket shopping mall is a massive place but if you did not go on holiday to shop do not worry, the large central hotel has bowling, with pool tables, pinball, video games and karaoke boxes. There is a real shooting range bar, with real bullets! For the faint hearted there is the laser shooting range which somehow feels like a toy in comparison. There are the fish foot spas, where the tiny fish eat the dead skin of your feet, a shell museum and of course the shopping.


Of course there are plenty of restaurants and eateries where you can try all sorts of Thai food and even in one place cook your own, but you don’t have to stick with Thai as there is also an Italian restaurant and an Australian steakhouse as well as the most common franchises you would find back home.


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Next to the normal six room cinema you will find a 4D mini movie theatre. In here you sit on moving seat whilst wearing 3D glasses and ride a virtual roller coaster, not something you may want to experience if you suffer with motion sickness, and even if you don’t you may well suffer it in there.


Cr. http://www.samuiholiday.com/samuiholidaymagazine/may2015/xdx4.html

In the evening the beautiful water and light show which runs daily, may well grab your attention but is susceptible to wind interference so be careful where you stand if you do not want to get wet. There is also a very large and famous nightclub or if you prefer most nights there is entertainment on the central plaza which is set as a bier garden theme.


If it is still raining the next day you may wish to relax in a spa after the activities in the mall. If you happen to be in a spa resort you may have to book early, but this is one of the best ways to relax on a wet and windy day. If you want to really push the boat out you could go back to the mall for a blue facial treatment. This is a really relaxing treatment which has taken off as the latest trend.


So you can see that rain does not stop play in Phuket, you may not be able to eat on the beach but there is no shortage of indoor restaurants to tantalize your taste buds between the many fun things to do in the massive mall.

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