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Where to go in Phuket Town: Thavorn Museum Memories of Phuket’s Old Days

Phuket town attractions

If you’re fond of history and people’s way of life, why not take a side trip to the first luxury hotel in Phuket town  – Thavorn Hotel where the unique museum exhibiting memories of Phuket town in the old days is settled up near the hotel’s lobby. The museum itself offers you unique experience. There is not much information given about some objects exhibiting in there. However, just spend your time strolling around, watching, and imagining is worth a visit!


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7 Things about Thavorn Hotel and Museum

  1. Thavorn Hotel was established in 1961 by Thavornwongwongse family during the era of tin mining and rubber tree plantations industry from 19th to 20th It is the first luxury hotel in Phuket town.
  2. The first elevator in Phuket was installed in this first 5 story building in Phuket town.
  3. The museum displays collections of the owners such as clothes, accessories, theater stuffs, tin mining equipment, items used in Chinese wedding ceremony, Chinese banknotes, coins, handbills, thin toys, opium smoking bed, a few World War II artefacts, the old safes, and etc.
  4. One of the must-see item here is a set of swords said to be used in 1785 when Phuket’s two heroines, Lady Chan and Lady Mook, led a battle that drove away Burmese invaders.
  5. The old-school movie projector, the biggest object in the museum, symbolizes the prosperous time of Thavorn Hotel as the modern and fashionable entertainment center those days.
  6. Old Phuket town’s photos such as the first aero plane, car and sea dredger in Phuket are displaying around the walls of the museum.
  7. To show the popularity of Thavorn Hotel in the old days, there are many photos of some of the most famous celebrities, majesties King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit, and many Thai and foreign politicians while visiting the hotel.

Opening Hours: 8.00 am – 6.00 pm

Admission: 30 THB

For more information: +66 (0) 762 11333-5

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