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Why A Beach Holiday Is Good For You

Why a Beach Holiday is Good for You

A couple of weeks at a Phuket beach resort certainly sounds like a relaxing time, doesn’t it? It’s the perfect remedy for the other 50 weeks of the year spent working hard – just you, the sun and the swish of the sea on the sand. Utter bliss!


The benefits of a beach holiday go beyond just relaxation, though. Did you know that there are actually certain medical benefits to spending time on the sandy shore? Ok, so the impact is medically insignificant and we’re certainly not recommending that you ignore your doctor’s advice from now on and just treat everything from the sniffles to broken limbs by taking a walk on the beach, but it’s nice to know that the feel-good sensation is more than just your imagination.


Increases your Vitamin D production

Vitamin D is essential for building and strengthening bones. It’s actual function in the body is to fix the calcium in your diet to your skeleton. Uniquely, Vitamin D is produced by your skin when it is exposed to sunlight. When you’re staying at a Phuket beach resort, a mere 10 minutes lying on the sand produces your entire daily requirement of the stuff!


vitamin D from sun, on phuket beach


Good for your skin

Between the fine-grained sand you get in places like Phuket’s Karon Beach and the clear, salty sea water, a day on the beach has a lot of potential benefits for your skin. The sand acts as an exfoliant, rubbing off dead skin, particularly from your feet. The salty water, meanwhile, is an excellent antibacterial detoxifier, clearing out your pores and washing off excess oils. Also, so long as you’re careful, you can come away with a nice tan.


holiday in phuket beach


Presents opportunities for exercise

You may not realise it, but a day at a Phuket beach resort is actually a really good workout. You don’t even need to use your hotel’s gym because taking a walk along the beach – particularly one as long as Karon Beach – will certainly get your body moving. The soft, shifting sand underfoot makes each step a little tougher than it would be on a treadmill, pushing your cardiovascular system a little harder. Then there’s the opportunities for swimming, snorkelling, volleyball, scrambling over the rocks at the southern end of the beach, and there’s even a gym station or two along the beach road for weight training!


Thavorn beach villag and spa, activities on the beach



Most importantly, we come back to the fact that a stay in a Phuket beach resort is a proven destresser. Exposure to sunlight, the soothing sound of the sea, the motion of the ocean and the breeze coming off it are all known to leave you relaxed, often also leading to improved sleep. Thavorn Palm Beach Resort in Karon is the ideal prescription, being right by the beach, with very comfortable and relaxing rooms, peaceful gardens and first-rate facilities.

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