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Phuket, Thailand

Why Phuket Should Be Your Next Getaway

There are hundreds of absolutely stunning beach destinations around the world, from Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast to the lively Miami Beach, and lots more in between. Choosing one for a relaxing getaway is easy, though – a good Phuket beach resort wins every time. A popular place for sun-seekers for many years now, Phuket has an enduring attraction which keeps it at the top of the list for travellers from around the world. Here’s why.



Pointing out the obvious, perhaps, but a good getaway needs a good beach, and Phuket has dozens of them! From the well-known resort areas like Patong, Karon and Kata to tiny but beautiful shorelines like Ya Nui Beach, Banana Rock Beach and Laem Ka Beach, there are over 30 sandy shores to choose from. Some are so small and secret that they don’t even have names while others have a bustling, living atmosphere. What they almost all have in common is soft white sands and calm azure seas.




Famous Attractions

Two weeks of lazing around at a Phuket beach resort may sound like heaven to many people, but others will want the occasional distraction – perhaps a memorable cultural experience or a bit of variety in the scenery. Phuket has you covered.




A short boat ride to the north is the outstanding Phang Nga Bay, with its striking limestone islets towering out of the emerald waters. To the east are tiny specks of land among the crystal-clear Andaman Sea, including the famous Phi Phi Islands. Even Phuket itself has plenty to see, including one of the world’s tallest Buddha statues and a charming historical Old Town.



Chilling on the beach is all well and good during the day, but what are you going to do after you’ve watched the sun set from the balcony of your Phuket beach resort? Patong is the place to go for nocturnal entertainments, from Mai Tais to Muay Thai and flamboyant shows to world-class nightclubs. Whether you’re looking for budget beers or the height of luxury, Patong has something for you among its extraordinary variety.




Phuket Beach Resorts

We’ve been hinting at it throughout, but one way in which Phuket really shines is the availability of outstanding hotels right by the beach. Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is conveniently located close to Patong, right by the beautiful Karon Beach. In addition, it is home to no less than five swimming pools, one of the finest Thai restaurants on the island, great facilities for families and, naturally, sublimely comfortable rooms – just what you need for a relaxing getaway.