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Reasons why Siphon Coffee is better | Coffee Talk, Phuket

You might have never heard of siphon coffee making because it is not a widely known coffee trends in Thailand. But for years, it is a phenomenal coffee trend in many other countries, like France, United States or Japan. The Siphon coffee trend is nothing new it’s actually a centuries-old brewing method that is just making a huge comeback.

Siphon coffee brewing method developed in the 1840s, when people were agreed that boiling the coffee grounds killed its taste, so they experimented an alternative way to brew coffee with the vapor pressure. The Siphon coffee maker is also known as Vacuum Brewer, this method is done mostly by hand and requires precise temperature, attention and some skill.

What does it looks like ?

siphon brewer


How the Siphon brewer work ?

Siphon coffee maker contain of two-part; the top container is filled with grounds and the bottom container is filled by water. By heating the water container, vapor pressure forces the water rise into the top container where it mixed with the coffee grounds. Turned off the heat, loss of vapor pressure will cause water to drop back into the lower container through a cloth filter, leaving the spent coffee grounds above. And there you go, the perfect brewed siphon coffee is await in the bottom container.


So… What exactly so special about Siphon coffee ?

It produces the best favor, vibrant tasting coffee that cannot be imitated by a drip brewer. Also, you will get an extremely clean and bright cup, no trace of the coffee grounds left in the bottom of the cup after you finished it. Hands down the best coffee I’ve ever had.

The coffee aroma is more intense – the best part it is, who doesn’t love the smell of newly brewed coffee ? Siphon brewing method enhances the coffee aroma than any other brewing method. And It’s actually fun to watch in the process of brewing. It is so fascinating to see art and science in the action.


If you are in Phuket and cherish a cup of perfection. I recommended you to visit Coffee Talk, our coffee shop is located right across Karon Beach. You can enjoy this specific taste and move up your caffeinating to another level !


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