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Why you should not stay in Patong when visiting Phuket

Anyone who has heard of the beautiful island paradise of Phuket will know about Patong. Indeed, it is probably the first place to enter peoples’ minds when they think of Thailand’s largest island, to the extent that it becomes easy to confuse the two and assume that all there is to see and do is found there. It is no surprise that most people travelling here look for a nice Phuket resort near Patong.


To be fair, that assumption is not entirely inaccurate. Patong Beach itself is one of the nicer stretches of sand and the city behind it has a vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere, created by a huge collection of restaurants, shops, attractions and nightlife. If that’s what you want out of a holiday, you’ll certainly find it in spades in Patong.


Peace and Quiet

However, not everyone does what that – certainly not all of the time. Part of Phuket’s charm is that it offers a tropical island experience, but without having to live like a castaway. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of one of over 30 beaches, but you don’t have to find a nearby stream or smash open a coconut to get something to drink, nor do you need to wade into the sea with a spear to find tasty meals.


The problem with Patong is that you get the sophistication and civilisation, but you don’t really get the peace and quiet. For this reason, a Phuket resort near Patong is on a lot of wish lists. The ideal holiday accommodation is somewhere which is on a nice, quiet beach, but which is not a lengthy journey from the fun and excitement – the hazy middle-ground of somewhere remote, but not too remote; somewhere near Patong, but not too near.


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The Solution

Thavorn Palm Beach Resort in Karon fits that requirement very well. It is situated right by the sand of Karon Beach, which is among the longest stretches of sand in Phuket. Its sheer size means that it is rarely that difficult to find a little patch for yourself to enjoy the lapping of the clear sea on soft sand. Alternatively, the resort itself has four swimming pools available, as well as extensive tropical gardens, so you can even find some space to relax there.



The modest attractions of Kata and Karon are relatively close. The nightlife in these two small towns is very tame by Patong standards, but they have a more easy-going atmosphere. The key advantage of Thavorn Palm Beach Resort is that it is practically the definition of “a Phuket resort near Patong”. The party city is just a short, pleasant drive along the coast – a journey which the reception desk can easily arrange for you.