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Top Hidden Beaches in Phuket

Mai Khao Beach

This beach remains clean and natural because it is part of a national park. It is 11 km long and you could easily walk the entire beach and only come across a few people. It’s perfectly peaceful. This beach is easy to access, but it is far from the main areas of Phuket. It is safe to swim at this beach and the sand is very clean. There are no beach facilities, unless you are a guest at one of the resorts located near the beach. Some of the resorts you will find are Sala Phuket, Renaissance, and JW Marriot.


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Haad Sai Kaew Beach

Located at the very north of Phuket island, Haad Sai Kaew is a deserted strip of sand and the very last beach before the Sarasin bridge. It is safe to swim at this beach and the sand there is very clean. It is not difficult to access, but this beach is far from the main areas of Phuket. There are restaurants located on the beach making this the ideal beach on which to have a meal. The food prices are a bit high, but the exceptional beauty and peacefulness of the surrounding area makes it worth every penny.


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Freedom Beach

Some consider this to be the most beautiful beach on the island, but it has remained relatively quiet because it is very difficult to access. The only way the access this beach is by boat and the boat rides can be quite expensive. There are restaurants on this beach and beach chairs have been supplied. It is safe to swim here and it is very clean. Although it costs a considerable amount to reach this beach, it is worth the money if you truly want a beach that is not busy.



Banana Beach

Despite its beauty and tranquillity, this beach has not become a popular tourist destination because it is so hard to find. It is hidden away, but in recent years more people search for it, not always successfully. It is not easily spotted and the way there is extremely steep. It is busier during peak seasons, but it always remains relatively peaceful. It is safe to swim here and it is very clean. There is a local restaurant for hungry guests and there are toilets on the beach. They have also supplied beach chairs for relaxation.


Cr. http://www.bananabeachkohhey.com/


Ao Sane Beach

This beach is right next to the extremely popular and busy NaiHarn beach. It has remained unnoticed because the only way to reach it is to drive under the Phuket Yacht club. This beach is quite small, but since it does not receive many visitors it remains comfortable. There is a restaurant that has received great reviews. It is safe to swim here and the area is very clean. If you want to take your kids to the beach, this would be the perfect one. This is the perfect place for snorkelling.


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