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Phuket Travel Guide For Beginners Phuket Travel Tips

Money Exchange

Never exchange money at the hotel. You will find rates cheaper at exchange booths and banks. The best rates available are usual found at booths along Patong Beach.

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Taxis and TukTuks will generally charge you a fixed price regardless of where you want to go. Prices are known to be expensive. To give you a picture, Taxi from Phuket airport to Patong generally costs no less than 500 baht. The cheaper method of transportation in Phuket would be through car and motorbike rentals. The cheapest rental would be the Suzuki jeeps that are parked along roads of busy areas such as Patong beach (800 Thai Baht per day). If you choose to rent a vehicle, be cautious while on the road as the way of driving in Thailand can be very different from your home country.



While tipping in many countries is considered the norm, you do not need to feel obligated to tip in Thailand. Few restaurants automatically add a tip to the bill, but most don’t. However, feel free to tip a staff or waiter who has gone above and beyond for you. In casual restaurants, tipping around 50 Thai Baht is usually enough.

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Hair Braiding

Hair braiding is very popular among tourists in Thailand. It is usually cheaper to get this done on the beach (350- 500 Thai Baht), compared to shopping center shops and salons (600 Thai Baht).

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Calling Home

Try to avoid calling internationally from the hotel. The cheapest way would be buying international phone cards and calling through the yellow international phones/phone boxes.h.


Travel Insurance

While unexpected events don’t usually occur, it is wise to be prepared. Lost luggage, accidents, and sicknesses can spoil your trip, especially if you have no insurance to cover the costs. Insurance policies vary so be sure to carefully study them. Don’t forget to keep all the receipts to avoid claiming issues later on.

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