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Phuket's Popular Breakfast

Phuket’s Popular Breakfast

Phuket is well-known as the traveler’s popular island, there are many activities, snorkeling & diving point and variety seafood. But do you know what’s the real Phuketian’s popular breakfast? Check this out! for the new some food experience in Phuket.


Phuket Local Food Dim Sum


1. Phuket Dim Sum

I can say that this is the most popular Phuketian’s breakfast! There are many places and easy to find in Phuket Town, such as Boon Rat Restaurant, Juan Heng Restaurant etc. Serve for the ready made Dim Sum comes in a small dish, just choose the one you like from the pot, then the waiter will take its to your table, eat with sweet & spicy sauces or black vinegar sauce.


Phuket Local Food


2. Kanom Jeen

Khanom Jeen are fresh, thin rice noodles in Thai cuisine which made from rice. Kanom Jeen can eat with many kind of curry, the popupar in Phuket could be “Kanon Jeen – Nam Ya” served with a hot and spicy fish-based sauce, “Kanon Jeen – Tai Pla” a southern Thai spicy soup or “Kanon Jeen with Green Curry”


Rotii with curry


3. Roti Namkaeng (Roti with curry)

Choose from the favorite curry such as chicken or beef or fish curry, beans curry or mussaman curry.


These local breakfast restaurant is not just the place to eat but its also the best place to learn Phuket’s folkways!